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HE9 + R2R 7HE group buy

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  1. smodtactical
    Hey thinking of getting the HE stack as above. If we order more units we can get a discount according to Kingwa. If interested in this stack please PM me.

  2. Alcophone
    I'm interested in the HE9. Can we still customize each unit, even in a group buy?
  3. smodtactical
    Not sure, if your in just for HE9 I can ask Kingwa, can you just PM me.

  4. smodtactical
    Bump... still need a couple buyers.

    This is like a mini mass drop! You know you want the HE stack!
  5. smodtactical
    If you are interested in just the Amp or Dac alone PM me, will try to arrange for this with Kingwa!
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  6. Alcophone
    Let's make this happen :)
  7. smodtactical
    Oh ya! We got 4 buyers now potentially 5. Please PM me soon as you can so I can message Kingwa. I will probably message him in a few days.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
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  8. smodtactical
    Comment from @Jackula
    Regarding HE9

    "Fradoca, I've been thinking about getting a HE-9 for a long time. Read your review and posts, auditioned a bunch of amps and finally decided to get the HE-9. I lurk Head-Fi a lot, but hardly ever post anything, but just thought I log on to give you a big thanks!

    Pairing it with my HD650 and I've never heard it sound so good. Compared to the Rag, 430HA, ifi iCan Pro, v281 and the HE-9 is my favorite, by a significant margin! And it was a faith purchase :)"
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  9. Alcophone
    Quite some pedigree there :)
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  10. Jackula
    I see you quoted me in your group buy thread, I still maintain the same opinion. When I purchased the HE-9, it was on faith - the trial period meant I could return it if I didn't like it, but I loved it!

    The closest I could describe HE9's sound is it's like a more natural sounding Moon 430HA. The 430HA was what I had originally shortlisted, mainly because it's Tyll's reference amp, I respect the guy a lot and we shared the same opinion on a lot of gear. But Tyll has never listened to a HE9 and I have and it's simply a better amp.

    When I was auditioning amps, I listened to my HD650 side-by-side against a Focal Utopia on the 430HA (using my Schiit Yggy because it's easier to carry) and the Utopia was better. Now on my home setup with the HD650, I have zero cravings for the Utopia. The Utopia is obviously a better headphone, but the HE-9 helps to close the gap. It's that good!

  11. smodtactical
    Wow. Really impressive. Do you find it lacks musicality like @grizzlybeast mentioned in his review on earphiles ?

    You know whats weird Jack? I A-Bed my Burson Conductor SL9018 against the Moon 430 HAD for like 2-3 hours, running balanced out of 430 HAD and SE out of my burson. My findings? Burson got me 95% of the sound of the 430 HAD. This was with an Audioquest cable though. Fast forward to now when I got the HDV820 and I compared it to my burson... massively better... like 20% better than my burson. A clear night and day difference. I wonder why this is.

    Only thing was when i did the moon neo audition it was in the store which was quiet but it was using my laptop with flacs as a source. At home I compared on my big desktop. But I don't know, it was weird.
  12. Jackula
    Musicality in terms of not adding anything to the music? Yeah, but it doesn't subtract anything either. The HE-9 is the single most transparent headphone amp in existence, it's completely spotless - like the glass screen of a new phone the instant you remove the protector film. It shifts the focus of music reproduction to your DAC, which IMO - as it's meant to be.

    I believe grizzly eventually went back to tube amps, and that's fine. I actually grew up from tube amps myself, but I've changed directions towards purity and realism instead of a colored and euphonic sound.

    While I do seem to have endless praises for the HE-9, it does have its faults though. My gripes with it are mainly in its design and function, not with its sound. The amp itself is huge, I should've measured my equipment rack beforehand because it barely even fits on the top shelf. The ventilation holes are on top which dust can fall into, which I have to cover when my amp isn't in use. And I don't like how the remote control is silver, I made sure everything is black in my listening room - black equipment, black furniture, black teapot, the only thing that sticks out is this friggin Audio-GD silver remote!
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  13. smodtactical
    I've been thinking of which DAC to pair with the HE9... the PS Directstream or the Terminator. I am leaning towards the directstream since it has a warmer sound that may pair better and I got north american support. Should add some colour to my chain. I'm sure the terminator would be awesome too.
  14. MadSounds
    I wouldn't buy a PS audio DAC for sound signature as its changed a few times over firmware updates. If i were to buy my system all over again I would probably go denafrips.

    never heard either though so don't count me. Every one who tries Audio-gd's high end stuff become members of the cult, glad to see so many jumping in. I love my NOS11 and hope to buy a matching master-3 power amp this fall if US/China relations still allow...
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  15. smodtactical
    Good point. I th ink I am still going PS because apparently the latest firmware sounds incredible and the Terminator can never be firmware upgraded. Plus im getting a great deal on a new PS.
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