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Yeah, I said something similar earlier in the thread... But, I understand why they changed it. I think that it just rocked out too hard for its own good, and that ending the album with so much energy may have ruined the mood. I'm sure that they at least attempted the live version in the studio, and maybe we'll hear an alternate version some day. For what it's worth, my girlfriend likes the new version better. She said it reminded her of listening to the minimalist music of Arvo Part, where each repetition subtly changes the meaning and tone of the song.

Well I wouldn't say the album version of Videotape is "better" than the live one, but I think it fits the mood of the song/album more appropriately.

While there are exceptions, I have to say that by and large, I've thought Radiohead's studio versions of songs fit well in the album context (ie, one part of a whole), while their live versions fit well live (ie, one individual song). I need more listens with the live and album versions of each song to decide if I feel the same way with In Rainbows.
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Im enjoying what I've heard so far. I will buy the CD when available as usual.

Here is my quickie artwork I am using. Can u guess what site I got cropped it from?

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In Rainbows reminds me a LOT of when I was first starting to get into Kid A so many years ago. I remember thinking, after hearing the completely different sound of The Bends and OK Computer, "What happened to Radiohead??" After listening through the album a few times though, the new sound of Kid A began to grow on me, much like In Rainbows is now. Every time I listen through In Rainbows it gets better. I even love the album version of Videotape, and honestly, the epic live version wouldn't have fit with the rest of the songs at all. This is such a good album it's not even funny.. my favorite of 2007 by a LONG shot
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Here's something you guys may enjoy... "Weird Fishes / Arpeggi" was originally an orchestral-based collaboration between Jonny and Thom, just called "Arpeggi." It was debuted at the Ether Festival in London in 2005. Check out the performance here. There's a little editing problem near the end, but it's still good.

The transition from that performance to the album version is pretty masterful, IMO. The album version totally completes the song.

This is widely known, it was one of the first signs of new material in 2005. I have (******) recordings of both if anyone is intensely interested send me a PM.
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This is widely known, it was one of the first signs of new material in 2005. I have (******) recordings of both if anyone is intensely interested send me a PM.

Right, but not necessarily among people who haven't been following the band like we have.

Some of these songs are old enough to have gone through a lot of transitions, especially "Nude" and "Last Flowers," which date from the OKC era. So, it might be rewarding for people who haven't heard the previous versions to seek them out on YouTube.

Check out this faked remix of "Nude" based around an early solo acoustic performance by Thom. Pawel Osmolski filled in all of the other parts fairly authentically, using ideas from what the other members played in the full-band version. Pretty cool... It's what "Nude" may have sounded like if Radiohead had recorded it in the late '90s.
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(Following post is for my fellow Radiohead insiders.)

Ah yes..Pawels mix of Nude is phenomenal. That guy is something else. Also his version of Big Boots is equally fun.

I can't stop listening to the album. Ive been a real devout fan ever since Kid A. I really got into that record. And have a bigger audio/DVD bootleg collection than anyone really has any business having. They are just exactly what a band should be, to me. The perfect group.

I like to think Reckoner as we once knew it will still be around. The version that is on the album is obviously a completely different song that they borrowed the name from just to toy with us. We still have the whole extra disk to look forward to in December.

What could MK1 and MK2 be? Lift and Big Boots? If only.
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Yeah, I'm very eagerly awaiting CD2. I liked the general vibe of "Go Slowly" from the last tour, and "Up on the Ladder" is another interesting song with a killer Jonny Ondes Martenot outro, sort of like the second half of earlier b-side "Trans-Atlantic Drawl."

Now you've piqued my interest about what "MK1" and "MK2" might be... I don't think they're ready to put out all of their unreleased originals, so my guess is that they may be alternate versions of either "Nude," "Reckoner," or "Videotape." Let the speculation begin.
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I love the music. Best band in the world, especially live, long time fan, etc. 160bitrate eats **** on my Grado rs-1's and mapletree amp - i had to buy the discbox after that but i digress.
Its almost as good as Kid A and im sure it only has room to grow on me. Great album altogether and every listen gets me more involved. All I need, Arpeggi, and the newf(s)ound Reckoner are great songs. Im looking forward to the next US tour and will be refreshing WASTE like a madman once its announced. Anyway, BEST BAND NOW.
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I've only listened to "In Rainbows" once. I'm a little disappointed. People are saying that it's a grower so time will tell. I'm a huge "Kid A" fan, and I absolutely loved both "Amnesiac" and "Hail To The Thief." I liked those albums immediately. I don't hear that depth here yet...but it has been a stressful week, the 160KBS with no artwork bums me out a bit, and perhaps my expectations have become unrealistically high. I bought the Discbox and I'm looking forward to getting it....
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Yes. The album is definately a grower. I like it better eat time I hear it. The speculation on CD2 is interesting: Is CD1 their image of the album? I thought I was a big fan w/ some bootlegs, but how people track versions of songs in this thread... kudos!
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I really think if you are giving up on this album already you are missing out.

Even though, as I stated above, my initial exposure left me a bit disappointed. I've had too many albums that have grown on me over time to give up on any music so easily. I'm definitely not giving up on "In Rainbows." I'm quite optimistic that it will grow on me actually...
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I thought it was interesting that there is quite a return to natural drum and guitar sounds on this album (albeit reverbed up afterwards). I always felt that Amnesiac and HTTT were trying a bit too hard on the laptops - this album does a much better job of translating their live sound into the studio IMO.
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I've been listening to this nonstop for a couple of days now and I really do like this album a lot. Enough so that I went back and order the discbox for it. OK Computer is still at my top for favorite Radiohead album, but this is quickly growing on me. And honestly, the lower bitrate mp3 makes no difference in how good this album is.

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