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Grado SR125i or SR80i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by deepfear33, Oct 13, 2010.
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  1. blacknile
    I completely agree with Kevin. The amount of disinformation about the SR125i on these forums is surprising. They are not a "dud" or "the weak spot in the Grado line" by any stretch of imagination. They are a noticeable improvement over the Alessandro MS1 in my experience. They compare very favourably to my SR325is.
    I have written my subjective impression about these headphones in a post a couple of months ago:
    hope it helps.
  2. Claritas
    It's not disinformation. You're in the small minority of people who like it.
  3. Wyd4
    Imo sr80 then sr225 or 325 depending on your taste. Then rs1 if you have that bit extra coin. Ps1000/gs1000 are different beasts again.

    I haven't heard the HF models to comment
  4. wippo808
    To each their own.  I owned both the 125i and 225i at the same time and from what I remember, if they had the same pads, they sounded nearly identical.  I think the 225i had slightly more controlled treble and a touch more mid-bass but otherwise they were very very similar. More of the differences come from pad choice and disregarding that, whether it's worth the extra $50 is debatable in most cases.  I think most people just opt for the 225i since it already comes with bowl pads whereas buying the 125i with bowl pads comes out to nearly the same price anyways.
  5. Claritas
    125 used to come with bowls and people preferred 225 back then too.
  6. up late
    yep that's right. grado switched from l-cushions (bowls) to s-cushions (flats) with the introduction of the sr-125i model.
  7. wippo808
    Again, just emphasizing that while I preferred the 225i as well, the differences were overstated to my ears.  While I do think the 125i sits in a weird spot of the SR lineup, each step in the lineup sounds a touch more refined and it's really up to the buyer to decide whether the upgrade is worth it.  It's too subjective to generalize IMO.
    I'm more curious as to see how the new 'e' series fits in.
  8. RyanLuong
    i think you should wait for new ''e series''
  9. blacknile
    Possibly. Or, as it often happens, somebody, somewhere, once said these are the "weak spot in the grado line" and people who have never even listened to them started repeating the mantra, which then became gospel.
  10. Claritas

    No, I've tried them. They are the runt of the litter.
  11. HPiper

    I had both at one time and I think you nailed the differences between them, 225i has a bit better bass/midbass and a little smoother more controlled treble. I liked both of them but obviously if I had to choose I would pick the 225 and did, because I still have the 225i and sold the 125i.
  12. blacknile
    Again, just your opinion. Based on your music, your ears, your equipment.
  13. Claritas

    Actually, it's pretty much the consensus and always has been. There's always room for minority opinions.
  14. wippo808
    Unless you've owned both and A/B'd them, you're kinda doing everyone a disservice with these generalizations.... If you go back and read the threads, those who actually owned both simultaneously did not form a consensus at all.  Some even find no difference throughout the entire SR line (60i vs 325i) so it's all subjective.
  15. Claritas
    I have. Believe whatever you want.
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