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Grado SR125i or SR80i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by deepfear33, Oct 13, 2010.
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  1. deepfear33
    I was wondering what are the differences in these? I read around there isnt any vast improvement between the two models. Is that true?
    I was thinking of getting one of these two but can't decide. Which one is suited better for trance, rock and metal?
    I was also thinking of purchasing the Fiio E7 amp alongside with one of these cans but not sure if it is necessary to enhance the audio listening experience cause i realy dont want to spend a lot on it
  2. bbophead
    No way to audition them?
  3. deepfear33
    ^ Theres a store in the city which sells them but i dont want the whole obligation of asking to try them on and buy either one of them when i could get a hell good deal on the net.
  4. Lubanja
    Grab the 80i's unless you are going for 325is [​IMG] or maybe 225i at the lowest...
  5. Kevin Brown
    I had the SR80i's and I still have the 125i's.
    They sound very similar, but I felt the 125i's have a slightly smoother mids & highs.  IOW, the "Grado sound" is still there, but isn't quite so pronounced.  The 125i's also come with the beefier cable.
  6. deepfear33
    Is the differrence between the models very noticeable in their respective audio qualities?

  7. deepfear33
    Bit curious why u wont prefer the 125i. Do they exactly sound the same?
    Im assuming the 80is have better value

  8. zero7525

    Better yet, consider MS1s for the same price as the sr 80
  9. deepfear33
    I read in my other thread i made that the ms1 doesnt sound as good as the sr80i (in terms of the treble)

  10. casuallistener
    I heard the SR80i is just a rebadged MS1? or am I mistaken...
  11. patsyleung


    MS1 is an Alessandro tweaked version of SR125 to be more neutral, ie. less in your face and tamed highs.
    To the OP, I would grab the SR80 and pocket the difference. The refinement of going with SR125 is not that noticeable especially with lossy sources.
  12. casuallistener


    So do people generally like the MS1 more or the SR80i?
  13. patsyleung
  14. Kevin Brown
    I cannot believe the amount of wrong information about the MS1i's here !!
    The MS1i's are not based on the SR125i, they are based on the SR80i.  They have the same thinner cable as the SR80i and not the beefier cable that the SR125i has.  And the MS1i's do not have the same driver as the SR125i.  The SR125i does have the same driver as the SR225i.
    As far as sound quality, I find the MS1i's do not sound good at all.  They do not have the bass that the SR80i's, SR125i's, SR225i's, etc, have.  The MS1i's sound like the SR60i's to me.  No bass.  Thin and unsubstantial sounding.  Unauthoritative.  The MS1i's have the same/similar mids and highs that the SR80i's do, not as refined as the SR125i's.  But no bass.  I don't understand anyone who would prefer the MS1i's to either the SR80i or the SR125i if you actually can listen to each model back to back.
    So now you would naturally think that I am biased again Alessandro headphones.  :)  Nope, my daily listening pair are the MS2i's.  The SR325i's are too bright, but I find the MS2i's to be a further nice improvement over the SR225i's.  A little bit better bass, and little bit better treble, but not shrill and overpowering like I think the SR325i's are.
  15. patsyleung


    Upon further research, you are indeed correct. Sorry for stepping on your toes, sir.
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