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Grado SR125i or SR80i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by deepfear33, Oct 13, 2010.
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  1. wippo808
    Haha okay buddy. Will do
  2. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Been following the last few posts.  So, the consensus is that if you have the SR60 or SR80 skip right to the SR225 and forego the SR125?  Or do folks just don't like the SR125? Why would that be?
    What if the SR125 were your first Grado?
  3. up late
    not sure of the reason behind it. all i know is when i first started lurking here the sr-225 was seen as the sweet spot in the grado line up. the sr-125 wasn't mentioned much or recommended.
  4. Claritas
    It's cold and slow compared with the others.
  5. HPiper

    Actually the 125 WAS my first Grado and I liked it so much I upgraded to the 225i and then eventually to the 325is, then to the RS2i and I am looking to get one of the new GS1000E now. It is a vicious circle once you get on it and expensive besides.
     The differences are slight though. I am lazy enough I will just pick up my 225i to listen to something rather than walk across the room to grab my Rs2i cans.  I have been tempted more than once to get another 125i. If you look at the FR graph for all the SR phones on Headroom, the 125i graph is one of the flattest of the bunch overall.
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  6. blacknile
    It is not. It is noticeably better than the Alessandro Ms1 and only slightly inferior to the Sr325is. You might have had a faulty sample. 
    For those interested in alternative opinions on the SR125i, this review of the old SR125 by Robert Reina is a decent read:
  7. wippo808
    The 60i or 80i are typically considered good entry points if unfamiliar with the Grado signature - thus, they're usually the first Grados most people end up with.  To get a worthwhile jump in detail, most find it necessary to go for the 225i at that point. Plus it comes with bowl pads which is an extra $20 anyways for the 60-125i (yes I get that the originally non-i 125 came with bowl pads too...not the point of my original post....).
    The 125i is known to be on the brighter end of the SR line (IMO in terms of "brightness" - 325>125>80>225=60) which some find off-putting.  I feel that puts them in a weird spot along the line where most just find it preferable to go for cheaper options or opt for the slightly more detailed and less treble-happy 225i.  That being said, if someone prefers the brighter signature and warmth from the S-cush, the 125i might be a good fit.
    To be clear, I have no vested interest in either at this point, having sold both the 125 and 225 already.
    And on another note, this is kinda turning into a pissing contest.
  8. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Thanks for the replies guys!
    Yeah, this thread did get a bit touchy.  Nowadays, anything Grado usually does...[​IMG]...A passionate Grado bunch we are.
    The reason I asked is because, I too passed on the SR125 on my way up the Grado ladder and I have to agree it is probably the less talked about Grado.  I went SR60 -> SR225.  But really was always curious about the 125s.
    With the 'e' series now, I think it might be time for me to give the 125s a go.
  9. jazzman7
    I recently bought the 125i.  When I compared it to the 60 and 80i, I found the 125i to sound less grainy than either of its less expensive brethren.  I did not look at the 225i because I prefer the Comfy pads, and I did not want to go through the hassle of paying more for the 225i and then having to get the Comfy pads as an add-on.  I also didn't want to go up to the 325i and get a metal build (although more durable, metal is also heavier).  
    After bending the headband a bit to fit my noggin somewhat better, I've tamed the Grado sound with some Creatology felt along the lines of the discs used in the Alpha Dog, followed by some EQ on the low end to remove some of the boominess.  Sounds very nice to my ears, and the headphone is small enough and light enough to transport to workplaces and back. I'm quite pleased, more so for not shelling out too much cash for the setup.  
  10. Claritas
    125 is a good choice for that as it's the least Grado-like of the SRs, less bright and flatter compared with the others.
  11. up late

  12. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Well, curiosity got the better of me so I ordered the SR125e.  Should be here tomorrow and I'll see how it compares with my other Grados.
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  13. forestitalia
    I read some "no good" comparing Alessandro with Grado, they are different and is a question of preferences. I kept the Ms1 and sold the Sr225.
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