Good headphones to pair with NFB-12
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New Head-Fier
Jan 16, 2011
East Coast, USA
Hi everyone, 
I'm looking for an upgrade on headphones for my computer.
I've been using an NFB-12 amp/dac with AKG 272HD headphones. The setup is connected to my computer through an optical spdif cable. I use it mostly to listen to my small collection of lossless music.
The type of sound I like is country and pop rock like andy grammer. I'm not really a heavy bass guy.
I was looking at getting the Beyer T70s, but is that too much headphone for my setup? I definitely need closed headphones because my computer is really loud. 
Also, what should the price ratio be for headphones to amp/dac? I'm kind of new at this. Any suggestions at extra components I should get for my setup would also be appreciated. Do headphones need preamps? Thank you!

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