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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. howdy
    Anyone having luck updating your Senns to the new 1.25? Mine is still on 1.22 and will not update no matter what I do.
  2. clerkpalmer
    Nope. Stuck in iOS 1.23.
  3. indigo
    I updated it a couple of days ago. I only listen on android (app still not updated on android), so I decided to pair with my ipad to update.

    Updated the ios app, paired it with senns. App showed only one battery reading, so I clicked on firmware, it says "up to date". 1.23. Tried tapping firmware a few times, gave up, left it alone for a bit. A few minutes later, up pops a screen, firmware available. Maybe it takes a bit of time to "read". YMMV.
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  4. smaragd
    Anyone with the MW07 has suggestions for longer ear tips? I have trouble getting a proper seal ...

    Also worried when pushing the MW07s further inward I can hear some driver flex issues, the left bud seems affected more than the right ... the left bud sound gets thin and muffled and needs moving in and out of the ear canal a few times to unflex... unless I have a faulty one...
  5. firewatersun
    That sounds faulty if you're getting a good seal IMO.

    I use the Sony Triple Comforts. I also found the MW07 to be very sensitive to correct tip sizing (I have an M on one and S on the other) Same wwwi the wings, some people need a combination of sizes.
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  6. smaragd
    Thanks, checking out the Sony hybrid tips now... if problem persists I will arrange a replacement.
  7. howdy
    I use Spinfit tips (large) and no wings for me to get a proper seal. The wings actual push it away from my ear making the seal break.
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  8. chinmie

    now this. . i liiike...verry muuch..
  9. smaragd
    C050BB26-A0D6-450F-A387-7AB522C9E4CD.jpeg Ok so I tried all these various tips and guess what ...
    The Westone red star tips give me the best seal and thundering sub bass while reducing some of the harshness in the highs that I got with symbals... go figure.

    Yes the Westone star tip have a small bore but somehow managed to slip them over the MW07’s nozzles...
    Can anyone suggest a similar sized ear tip as the star tips bit with a wider bore?

    Edit: found a good candidate if anyone else is looking... Shure “olives” give a nice seal with clean deep bass and nice airy detailed highs without harshness or sibilants

    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  10. ricarva
    This. I turned in my Jabras due to unacceptable hiss on the left bud, and am looking for alternatives. MW07 has crap battery life and call quality, Senns have connectivity issues (solved??), case trouble *and* bad call quality, B&O also suffers from hiss for some users... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Looking to the Galaxy Buds for an alternative, since the original IconX seemed to be pretty competent. The reviews on the web are all over the place, though, so would like someone on here to give some insight.

    Sitting tight.
  11. 05stisilver
    Screenshot_20190312-062925_Galaxy Buds.jpg
    I posted a review earlier. I love the Galaxy Buds. I was pleasantly surprised by the sq they are comparable to my Mavin Air-x. They blow the Jabra's out of the water. They also have several eq settings as well as a customizable eq. Also they have an adjustable ambient mode which is good as well. I don't use them for calls but I did use them once for a call and had no issues or complaints from the other person. The fit is comfortable but.. I don't think they would stay in during a run. They work when I'm on the stairmaster and stationary bike though.

    SQ = Galaxy Buds>Jabra 65t
    Fit = Galaxy Buds>Jabra 65t (the main reason I returned them)
    Ambient Mode = Close but because of the adjustability Galaxy Buds>Jabra 65t
    Calls = Don't really no but would assume the Jabra
    Connection = I don't remember it's been awhile but I would say = or maybe a slight advantage to Jabra. Not a deal breaker especially to try the Galaxy though.

    I also have attached a photo of the Galaxy Buds app.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  12. chinmie
    yup, T1C
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  13. episiarch Contributor
    I'm using Westone red star tips with my Nuheara IQBuds which also have a much larger nozzle than they are made for, and they've been the best choice for me as well, providing the deep fit that I seem to need for a good seal.
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  14. urii
    I noticed, Jabra 65t Elite can be connected to Cowon J3 (BT 2.0). Earin M2 and Sabbat X12 cannot be connected.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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