Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?
Apr 13, 2023 at 5:35 AM Post #52,142 of 63,204
If you can publicly share, even I’m interested at that price. And I’m sure more folks too. Thx.
For all that have commented and messaged about the Enco X2:

The seller has increased the price since I purchased and subsequently others purchased too. They only ship to the UK.

I'm happy to return any PM's I get but I don't want to publicly post about them.
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Among all TWS in hands (now and earlier) TOZO Golden X1 and FiiO FW5 are the best for my ears for home using (that is just for music listening only). Do you know something better?
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Got the Nothing Ear 2 today on my lunch break because I had an itch I needed to scratch (lol) and I can't lie... to me they sound absolutely awful.
They look cool and are comfortable as hell, but... yeah, they sound pretty damn bad. The case is already scratched up after an hour in my pocket as well, so uh... I think they need to rethink a few things with their design language of the case as well.

Well, not every earbud can sound as good as the ZE8000's, right? :D The thing about the ZE8000's is that the right earbud hurts my right ear like crazy for some reason, to the point of needing to take a break today from them, possibly even tomorrow.
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Huawei does have both LDAC and touch-slide volume controls.
OK, did not realize this model had both those features! will check it out again :)
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Indeed and I like PSB products, however it looks like those don’t have transparency mode nor ANC. 😕
Me too but I think these are DOA sadly. I'm not sure there's a real market for sound only TWS these days. Damn - I want to buy them but I know they will be resold for lack of ANC.
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Anyone daring to compare Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 vs Final ZE8000 in terms of sound, ANC, Transparency mode and battery? Thanks!
HFB2 are my office and travel option. ZE8 are my weekends music only. For me that is the sweet spot. The bass of the HFB2 hit a bit harder, but it's a bit blunt vs finesse of the ZE8

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