Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. TooFrank
    I know that they are not truly wireless, but I am really enjoying my Jaybird Freedoms. They are indeed very tiny and fits very well in my ears. For running they are almost perfect. Only issue is the battery package, which may get you a little sore after some time. I have recently bought the E8 and while I do love them (very few drop outs), I would not use them for running - slightly too bulky compared with the fredoms.
  2. fearlessleader
  3. grahamtaustin
    using the headphones with an iPhone 8 supporting bluetooth 5, using the Plex app to download FLAC files direct to phone and using the phones with Comply tips. Sounds great!
  4. jessnie
  5. webreaper
  6. MIBUK
    Thanks @alchemical! I'm still on the fence. Unfortunately, my Jaybirds Blubirds X have just stopped working after 5 years! I'm looking for a combo sports/casual use version. The Jaybirds Run do look tempting. I like that they have an app to tune it to our preferences, but CES is just around the corner and manufacturers are now jumping on the bandwagon. The lag with video is a bit annoying, especially when I have a £40 pair of Chineses true wireless that work perfectly well when watching video.

    For those looking at KS or Indiegogo true wireless, I personally would avoid them. They are Always late with delivery and as we've seen for even the bigger and more established manufacturers, dropouts can still be an issue and startups will find it even harder.And on crowdfunding sites, you have less protection and rarley any possibiliity to return. By the time they do arrive your door, more and better true wireless will be on the market.

    So I have 3 options, jump in, hold out or buy a JayBird X3 or Freedoms as a fill in. Decisions, decisions.
  7. david8613
    Try the Samsung iconx 2018, really nice features, great sound, long battery, good fit and no annoying drop outs. I love mine, no problems...
  8. MIBUK
    You must have read my mind. Just been reading up on the 2018 version and there are very few negative comments. Mainly positive just like yours. Typical that I only really noticed them after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, will keep an eye on the price and if nothing else comes up, then I'll jump in. My Chinese wireless can keep me going for a few weeks more, especially now that I've got comply tips on them.
  9. alchemical
    Well after a week using the Jaybird Runs I can definitely say I’ve found the running headphones I’m after. The video
    Well after a week using the Jaybird Runs I haven't had so much as a stutter in connection, or a single left bud dropout. For running they're perfect for me. Personally, I'd steer clear of the X3s. I owned them and if worn in the sport fit (over ear) configuration, the bluetooth connection is absolutely awful. I've had none of the same issues with the Run, even around congested city areas. Obviously the lag with videos isn't great - my testing was just on YouTube though, I've read comments saying it's better on apps like Netflix. Must give that a test.
  10. david8613
    I use x3s as backup to my iconx 2018, no problems with them either.
  11. alchemical
    I'm sure mileage does vary. I do know and there are plenty more people in the Jaybird forums though who've had the same issue with the sport fit on the X3s, running with them over ear and the remote sitting flush against the head using the cable management clips. Something to keep in mind at any rate.
  12. clerkpalmer
    I purchased the Jaybird Runs yesterday because I have a headphone sickness and despite being very happy with the Bose. My impression is good and bad. On the good side, I like the fit and form factor far more than the Bose. They are light and slim and stay put in my ears. I didn't have any connection issues either but use was in my basement on a treadmill. On the negative, the sound quality is wretched. I have had X3s and they are quite good. These headphones have a terrible sibliance/distortion on all high end. Basically, it sounds like distortion for all highs. Has anyone else noticed this? Wondering if I got a bad set?

    Edit: tried these again today. Sq is so bad it’s embarrassing. Nothing but pure distortion on any high note. If mine aren’t defective and these are how they were intended, Jaybird really misfired. They are going back.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  13. MNX1024
    Looks like there's some good news for those who plan on getting a new flagship phone next year with the newly announced Qualcomm S845 SoC. They're able to make use of BT 5.0 to send audio signal to two devices simultaneously. Meaning, unlike how true wireless work, where signal is only send to one earbud, then that earbud sends it to the next. This'll increase battery performance by up to 50%.

  14. sibobob
    I've been reading this thread for a while, it's been a really helpful discussion so I joined up to add my thoughts... I couldn't agree more with the Jaybird runs. Awful highs! An irritating crispiness, hard to tell if it's compression or distortion, but there's no way to EQ it out. I don't know why there's a consensus that these sound amazing, unless perhaps they did prior to a recent firmware update. Connection was 100% reliable but they had to go back, couldn't put up with that.

    I bought the Jaybirds, Jabra Elites and Airpods to compare. There's no doubt which has the best sound quality - it's the Airpods, by a mile. I expected to hate these, but of the three, they're the best in every respect. They're more open-sounding, better separation, sound less compressed (as if they're streaming a higher bitrate), bass is great when fitted right. They stayed in fine on an 8km run. Only problem is I feel like an idiot wearing them! Can't get over that design, so I'm sticking with the Jabra elites until Apple release black ones. The Jabras have much smoother, albeit less pronounced highs than the Jaybird Runs, overall a rounded, warm sound, no connection issues, all controls are on the buds which is great for running. Certainly nothing mediocre about their sound, next to the fingernails-on-a-chalkboard highs of the Jaybirds! But they do plug up your whole ear, it's hard to forget you're wearing them which will annoy some. That's my two cents on three fully wireless models.
  15. Peddler
    I have to agree about the Airpods - I've a number of bluetooth headphones and I think the Airpods definitely come out on top when it comes to sound quality and connection (no dropouts). I'm using them with my LG V20. The only real issue I have with them is the lack of remote controls - although this really isn't a problem when I'm wearing my smartwatch as I have full control from there.
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