Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. MIBUK
    Thanks for your overview. It’s really helps. To be honest, I’m surprised that you say the AirPods have the best sound, considering the reviews that have been posted on them. Or maybe the others just aren’t very good.
  2. clerkpalmer
    Bose and Beoplay E8 blow airpods away on sq.
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  3. sibobob
    I'm not saying Airpods are amazing-sounding by any stretch, but of those three I tried, they absolutely sound the best. I was surprised too, best of a decidedly-average bunch!

    I'm sure the Beoplay E8 do blow them all out of the water! I was just buying and testing 3 pairs all around $150 on Black Friday, the E8s were twice the price. The Bose Soundsport stick out too much for me, as did the Sonys, just personal preference.
  4. Peddler
    Ha ING recently purchased the Sennheiser HD598 I'm surprised at the similarities in the sound character between them and the Airpods. One thing I would definitely recommend to anyone who has Airpods us to try out a set of foamies on them. It improves the bass, and the reduces some of their 'brightness' and allows for a much better fit.

    I must admit I was really quite doubtful about the Airpods but I'm really impressed with them overall.
  5. sgtbilko
  6. Sound Eq
    i got the samsung gear iconx 2018 and they sound really great, i wonder if this is the best wireless iem out there without wires as the iconx 2018 really made curious if there are better sounding ones, so far i am really impressed
  7. Tommy C
  8. clerkpalmer
    The psb look awesome. Would love a review
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  9. Sound Eq
    i can vouch for samsung gear iconx 2018 that its amazing, but its my first wireless iem so I am now really curious which is the best of them all
  10. david8613
    Guys trust and believe the Samsung iconx 2018 is the best all around, I have tried many truewireless and I am happy with these. I don't even use my Jay bird x3 anymore I just keep them as back up.

    Good sound
    Good battery life
    Great fit
    Great touch controls
    Fantastic BT connection
    I only wish the charging case would charge more times, but its ok anyway.
    I wish they had an eq in the app. Hopefully they can add one in the future, Samsung is good for keeping apps and firmware up to date with new features.
  11. MIBUK
    The only negatives I’ve heard so far is the sound doesn’t sync with YouTube videos and the cost is too high. £200+ in UK. When you talk about sound, how do they compare to the truly wireless from Sony & Bose?
  12. clerkpalmer
    Agreed. Would really like a direct compare on sq to the bose because the bose sq is superb. Gear iconx 2017 did not sound great so maybe they improved the 2018?
  13. Sound Eq
    i have and had many totl iems, man this iconx 2018 is simply amazing, i really am now a believer in wireless iems, and I use them more than my other iems now. this speaks volumes

    i really wonder if all other brands are as good or better than iconx 2018, as this wireless iem stuff is getting really interesting and worth investing in, as this is a hassle free iem and finally getting rid of cables and daps

    I really hope big names like 64audio, Noble, empire ears will look into this wireless iem tech

    I am sure iems with cables soon will become history

    i am using my iconx with samsung s8 plus and no eq what so ever as the sound signature is amazing, all i used is sound alive to make an imprint of my hearing which is a really amazing tech especially with iems as getting the correct sound print to suit your ears in my opinion should be available in every source whether a dap or a phone

    i love the sound stage and instrument separation and coherency of bass, mids and treble in icon x
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  14. Ynot1
    Bluetooth 5 suppose to make bluetooth range longer or faster bit rate. I'm not sure if they have bluetooth network feature where the while family can bluetooth on netflix for instance.
  15. murph65
    I have an interesting story to share for those of you who experience the audio dropouts when using bluetooth earphones. Shall we begin.........

    On Christmas day, i received the Sol Republic Amps Air (on sale for $75 CA) and let me tell you, these things are AMAZING!. However, just using them around the house, i was experiencing the dropouts. Not a ton but enough to cause me to go online and check into it. And man, did it appear to be a common issue. Especially for Android users and specifically for Samsung Smartphone users (I have a Galaxy Note 3).

    Three days after Christmas, i decided to spend the day shopping for deals as i prefer to avoid the Boxing Day Madness and this was to be the first big test (open air environment, much more interference) for my Amps. And man, what a disappointment. They were used for the next 3 hours until a recharge was needed, on public transit (buses, subway) and walking to/from and through a large Mall. "Constant Dropouts" were happening (right bud, both buds) and when i entered the Food Court to have lunch, they became almost "Unusable"!.

    I had already tried 2 fixes that supposedly helped the odd user (cleared cache in anything bluetooth related in the phone apps section) and (rebooted into recovery and wiped the cache partition). Neither of these helped my situation.

    While back on the bus travelling to another Mall, and my Amps still charging, i remembered a third fix that i hadn't tried yet. Needed "Root" (already had it!). Installed the "No-frills CPU Control" App from the Play Store and increased the minimum clock frequency to 883 MHz (a poster tested moving one step up at a time from 300MHz and no difference was seen until 883MHz was reached) . Now just had to wait for the Amps to finish charging. And Boy, was it ever worth the wait!

    Inserted my Amps, connected to my phone and began listening to Spotify. Stepped off the bus and walked into a Staples store for 5 minutes. Left and walked over and into another large mall and i was just amazed. Not a single dropout yet. But here came the "Big Test" : 20 minutes spent inside a huge Best Buy store (major interference in here) and "Not A Single Dropout"! Nadda! I was impressed to say the least. By the time i got home, the Amps needed recharging again which meant i just went 3 hours without a dropout.

    Yesterday, i used the Amps another 4 hours (public transit commute, walking around the busy downtown of a large city) and again, No Dropouts. Just so happy now with the Truly Wireless Experience!!!

    Hope this helps.......
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