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Ghentaudio Cables - Impressions & Opinions. (First impressions & pictures in!)

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  1. Pharmaboy
    My pick would be E08...the cable w/o fabric covering. This opinion is hardly scientific, but I have 2-3 headphone cables made of the fabric-covered wire, and another 3-4 made of non fabric covered wire. The non fabric covered cables sound a little better to me. It's very subtle, but that's what I hear.

    Admittedly, my experience w/headphone cables doesn't exactly extrapolate to coax/digital applications, but if it was me buying a coax from Ghent Audio, I'd pay a couple bucks more and go for E08.

    I'm a big fan of Ghent Audio. Ghent Xu makes no real claims about sonic superiority, but his stuff is well made and, at least to me, sounds quite good.
  2. uncola
    wilfare I have an e05 coax cable with locking connectors made from the belden 1694a, I chose that one because bluejeanscable also uses that belden wire for theirs.. it sounds great I think it even sounded better than the aes cable I had.. but it's really stifff. if you need one that's not stiff check out one of the others, maybe e08 because it has the 75 ohm canare rca connectors
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  3. wilflare
    thanks for the replies! guess I'll be ordering quite a few

    A01 RCA
    - for connecting between the Schiit devices
    - for connecting between Schiit and Speakers

    U01 USB
    - for connecting between Schiit and PC
    - for connecting between Speakers and PC

    - for connecting between Etir and Mimby

    hope I won't have a whole mess of cables lol as I'm thinking of getting Schiit SYS to use in reverse
  4. wilflare
    hmm. what's the point of locking connectors? do they work with any set-up?
    I think I'm pretty much deciding between E02/E04/E08
  5. uncola
    Locking connectors are great because sometimes you forget you have them so you try to pull them out without twisting them to loosen them and you yank the RCA socket out of your device then you fall to your knees and scream why God why did I get a locking connector...
    motberg likes this.
  6. wilflare
    lol that sounds tragic... and likely to happen.
    I wish his A01 cables came with the Canare crimp connectors as well :/

    now to decide whether to get the Belden or Canare for the coax :/ was hoping he'll reply my email but have yet to hear from him.
  7. uncola
    If a very stiff cable is useable for you get the belden one I have it's 18 awg solid core conductor, not stranded. That's real thick, some power cords are 18 awg. Plus sleeving is pretty
  8. wilflare
    did you end up putting them side-by-side?
    I'm thinking of getting the A1 7inch to put the SYS and Mimby side-by-side :/
  9. wilflare
    got a link to that custom USB-C?
  10. UNOE
    Had to just email them and ask for it
  11. MooTaters
    I have the A01 7", and they're only long enough for a stack, the length is end of connector to end of connector. In fact, the picture you see on the page for the A01 with the M&M stack shows the 7" cables in use. Schiit's Pyst RCA cables are apparently 6", thought that is excluding connectors, which they seem to work based on ZReviews video of the M&M(unless that length has changed).
  12. wilflare
    thanks! I'm hoping that since putting the SYS and Mimby side by side would mean that the RCA jacks are right next to each other, the 7" A01 would suffice (it would be similar to the distance in a stack).
  13. MooTaters
    Well in that case it might. I was thinking of the modibit and magni 2 uber(what I have) as they're on the same side of the box, so it works great as a stack, but adds distance when next to each other. Which is too bad, as I'm now covering up the multibit M, maybe someday I'll buy some longer ghentaudio cables to go between them...though I don't have tons of desk space, and turning them on is so easy with the switches on top of each other.
  14. wilflare
    I would put the Mimby at the top too (to showcase the M print) but the rubber feet they use are different :frowning2: so it creates an uneven height :/

    now to look for power cables/adapters to have a clean source of power (lol)
  15. wilflare
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