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Ghentaudio Cables - Impressions & Opinions. (First impressions & pictures in!)

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  1. motberg
    He is probably still busy catching up from after the recent big China Holidays..
    Here is another email you can try...
  2. wilflare
    I just noticed this. ahhh.
    the 0.18m/7inch cables seem to cause a slight lift in the Schiit Stack? :frowning2: did you manage to find any way to resolve that?
  3. wilflare
    finally got my Ghent cables. but my coax cable is slightly too long for my Schiit Mimby + Eitr stack :/ guess I'll get a 0.18m for cleaner cable management.
  4. wilflare
    anyone tried getting power cables from Ghent?
  5. protocol
    Did your A01 cable lift the amp up like it did for the other user? Tempted to get a pair myself but wondering if a sightly longer cable would stop it doing it, as with the cables being quite chunky I don't think there's much slack hence it causing the lift.
  6. miketriple
    Wow, these look great. I was about to finally buy a pair of PYST for my modi/magni stack, since I've been using a clunky 1.5 ft cable for a long time. The 0.18m A01 seem perfect - just ordered a pair!
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