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Ghentaudio Cables - Impressions & Opinions. (First impressions & pictures in!)

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    hi there. i am in the search for interconnect cable to connect my cd player to my integrated amp. at first i was looking to buy all the components by myself and let a friend solder the cable. by i could not find a belden 1694a that would be sold by the meter. i had to buy the whole 100 meters. lol.
    so i started to look for ready made interconnect cables that use belden 1694a (by most, considered the best interconnect cable).
    2 options were available to me. the first one and most expensive is the bluejeans site that they offer the belden with canare rca ends. but 4 interconnect cables will cost me 80 euros.
    though the quality is as high as it gets, and canare jacks are as close as to the 75 ohm that we need(??).
    on the other hand i came across ghent audio cables. they are half the price of my first choice, and if i could judge by looks, they seem awesome. i have already read the whole thread twice, but i have some questions and considerations id like to ask.
    first of all, i am skeptical of cables etc that are sent from china (too many cheapskates and imposters flood the ebay market). they say they use belden 1694, but since the cable is covered with this cloth we see in the pictures, how can you people be sure it is indeed belden? and not some other cheaper cable?
    secondly, what can you tell me about the Pailiccs rca plug, when compared to the canare? is it worth it? anyone have measured how close to 75 ohm the rca plug is? i know that there is no such thing as true 75 ohm rca plug, but we need to be as close to that number as possible (and canare seem to be close enough, by what people report). or 75 ohm rca jack requirement, is not a necessity for audio applications and sort length cables?
    thirdly, is nt it strange that ghentaudio, mark their cables with an arrow and tell you how you should conncet them? wouldnt they work, no matter from which end you connect the cable to the cd, for instance? what do they mean with signal direction? this is so suspicious to me. cable has no direction from what i know?
    and lastly, i am concerned as these same cables seem to be offered by many people now. and even aliexpress. and some other guys in ebay with few feedback. if these cables are made from ghent audio and are handmade, how can so many people sell them?
    thank you guys
  2. Spider fan
    It took only 9 days to get my order in Florida.  I got a pair of A09 RCAs.  They are a very nice cable.   Just put in an order for a 3.5 Female to 6.5 Male Cable within an hour of getting the first order since I liked the quality so much.
  3. hakuzen
    everytime i need a cable, Ghentaudio is the first site i search into.
    more than 10 interconnect cables in my inventory have come from there. low impedance, good wire used, consistent, all of them are very well built. trusty quality cables at a more than reasonable price.
    dealing with Ghent is a true pleasure; polite, learned, kind, audio enthusiast, he gives you great support.
    so no doubts here.
  4. uncola
    I've gotten a few more ghent audio cables since the first time I posted, all have been great, nicely terminated and sleeved..  very reliable cable maker that builds to order and you can get the exact length you want
  5. UNOE
    I just purchased custom USB C. The cable sounds great. I don't know of any places that have USB C currently at this quality.
  6. Pharmaboy
    I'm really amazed to discover this thread. I've bought cables from Ghent Xu on 2 or 3 occasions. I honestly thought nobody knew about him & his excellent company. Have given his name to 2 or 3 people.

    Mostly what I've purchased are aftermarket headphone cables, and these are really excellent--built like a brick you-know-what, good sound, and of course that unbelievable price. At least when it comes to HP cables, I found I prefer the type of cable that doesn't have fabric covering. It's more flexible/less microphonic.

    I don't know a thing about other people carrying these cables...I only bought directly from Ghent. He's very quick to respond to email and seems genuinely dedicated to customer service. I can't recommend Ghent Audio enough.
  7. makstaks
    Thanks for the thread. I just put in an order with Ghent to try them out. Bought a 7in A01 RCA pair to connect my SMSL Panda stack. Should arrive in a couple weeks.
  8. Meetite
    I personally just ordered a 0.18m A01 (gonna hook it up to my Schiit stack) and a 0.5m B03 (gonna hook this one up to my Chromecast audio that I use on my speaker setup, because I currently use the crappiest, noisiest cable ever). I'll post a follow-up once they arrive.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
  9. Meetite
    Cables arrived today (little under two weeks, which from China is pretty damn fast). They are really nice considering the price. The A01 I got for my schiit stack works really well, taking up very little space and doesn't tilt up the back of the Magni super hard like many other solutions do. As should be assumed, they didn't improve sound quality on my schiit stack (I was already using nice quality cables, they were just too long), though they definitely made it take up less space, which is definitely a win. I also got a B03 from them (probably should have gone with the B01 in hindsight, but I don't really think it matters that much). The B03 was definitely a huge improvement over the crappy no-name brand cable I was using before. RFI/EMI noise is near non-existent now from my Chromecast, which is really nice and the length I got it at (0.5 meters) is definitely ideal as it is long enough to get my Chromecast into a comfortable spot, but not so long that I've got extra cable I don't know what to do with.
    Something I noticed is that the splitter on the B03 appears to be a ferrite core when looking in at it where the heat-shrink ends. I don't know whether or not this is actually true, but it doesn't say anything about it on the Ghentaudio website. I thought it was just a big splitter when I bought it, so it's good to know that it actually has a reason for being big (assuming it is a ferrite core).
    Another thing I felt like pointing out is that the velcro-ties that Ghentaudio includes with each cable are really nice; the Velcro is strong and they are the right length to go around large and small spools of coiled cable.
    Overall I'm very happy with these cables. While I could go into tiny nitpicks (I'm very analytical and notice the tiniest things), I won't, because considering how little these cables cost and the quality of them, there's no real reason to nitpick tiny things that are completely inconsequential.

    If you are in need of good quality cables and are stuck on a budget, definitely go with these.

    Below are some pictures (btw the cables are a vibrant pin-up, NOT ORANGE. Due to taking these pictures under very poor lighting conditions the cables look orange, even though they are not)
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
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  10. uncola
    I recently picked up some ghent rca to xlr cables so I can use my non balanced preamp with my balanced input only class d speaker amps.. works like a charm! can't hear any difference. Just make sure when ordering them you choose the correct gender for the xlr side.. male or female depending on what your amp input is. the xlr pinout ghent used by default worked fine so it's probably the most common
  11. wilflare
    I'm thinking of getting the following for my Magni3 + Audinst HUD-mx1 stack
    - A01 7inch

    any recommendations on the USB cable? thinking between U01 or U04
  12. MooTaters
    I would say go with the U04, though according to his site, it isn't compatible with windows 8 or 8.1 which I don't even know how that's possible...I mean it's a USB cable, and as long as it supports 2.0 or above I can't see how it isn't supported by newer windows OS's than 7. Back to the choice, honestly you'd have a tough time convincing me that a silver plated USB cable is going to do some voodoo magic to my music, it's a digital signal and as long as something isn't really seriously screwing with it it should be fine. Then again if you don't want that big ferrite knob on the cable, then you may prefer to go with the U01 anyways. You may also want him not to connect the power wires within the USB cable, as long as you don't plan to use it with a device which uses USB to power it. I believe someone else in this thread did so, and there was no extra charge.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  13. wilflare
    does the ferrite core and not connecting the power wires help with the sound quality (or minimise interference, etc.)?
  14. MooTaters
    The ferrite core is supposed to help prevent interference, and I know people have found usb power to cause interference...to the point that even motherboard manufacturer ASUS has offered boards with a special USB audio plug on the back that is supposed to reduce or eliminate noise that could come from usb power.
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  15. wilflare
    thanks for the help! guess I'll order soon now that the holidays in China are finally over.
    by the way, any recommendations on a Coax cable (for connecting my Schiit Eitr to Schiit Mimby)? was looking at E02/04/05
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