FX-Audio DAC-X6 2016 Release; potential sub-$100 king?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by tj28, May 23, 2016.
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  1. XZJ_Jono
    Does anyone know how the DAC-X6 pairs with Sennheiser HD 650s? I'm looking at this as a potential driver for just ordered Massdrop 6XXs
  2. bfhyan
    Don't know about the 650s, but I personally didn't like with the 598s. To be honest I didn't like it at all.
  3. daySpring
    The DAC itself is quite good. Transparent with more than enough detail for the price. Line out to Atrox V2 class A amp sounds fantastic - powerful and rhythmic.
    The amp isn't super detailed or very wide, but it does the job. It has enough power to drive the HD650s to a solid listening level. Pairing isn't as 'unveiled' as with Magni2, but can't complain really, for the bargain price.
    Using the optical in is the best solution on the X6 for 24/192.
    Come on Schiit, when will you support 24/192 over toslink? USB noise on the Mimby gets to uncontrollable level on any grounded amp over 6x gain.
  4. Minicou
    Hello all,

    First of all I am sorry for my bad english and thanks for this post, I found a lot of usefull informations and points of view.

    I am also interested in the Dac X6 and this are the rason Why :

    I just bought an Headphone Sennheiser Game Zero (50 Ohms) for only game purpose and so far except the confort :

    - I did not felt a Huge difference with my 40 euro plantronics headpone in gaming session (according the 200 euro difference between them)

    - Worst, the max volume and bass are highter on plantronics (seem that my integrated card is struggle)

    After all the good things I read on Game zero I am pretty sure that the lack of Power came from my integrated sound card and I should improve this point to get the best of the game zero.

    I was looking for a solution to gain in power…

    First a thought on a second hand ASUS Xonar STX sound card (SNR 124db) and I found this post speaking about the FX Audio Dac X6.

    It seem that I could gain the power that I need and I was quite motivated to buy it after the nice review of Euljiro (page 1) and I even recognized myself ! :

    So, did I hear any difference? In short, YES. Improvements?, YES also…I felt there's more space between his voice, his other voice, and the instruments. More airy in the song

    Then, I wanted to check for the bass! … Some of the instruments retrieved to the back and some moved forward, I not fully understand when people say instruments separation.

    Oh before I forgot, powerrrr! The HD 518 is 50 Ohm, so it's not hard to drive. My laptop was struggling to made the 518 reach the point of too loud to listen to. Whereas the X6 needed the volume only to be at 20-25%. Again, I can't test the power with higher impedance headphones out there.

    Exactly what I hope in buying this X6 but I was quite surprised on page 3 :

    The DAC is really really good. Very clean, and quite neutral. Super low noise.

    But the Amp is quite poor. Just no power at all. Compared to the little portable Fiio Q1, the Q1 has more power on Low gain!

    I think the Q1 is a better buy. It's so little, it's portable, works great with my phone. I just like how my headphones and IEMs sound better with the Q1 rather than the X6. I paid around $60 for both from Aliexpress.

    The Q1 seem so small according the X6, and you were so enthousiate with X6 power first…On my side I just need more power since like you I feel that my integrated soud card strugle when I connect the Game zero.

    I do not looking for the smallest DAC since I am only interested by the headphone amp side.

    - Do you thing that I could be disapointed in X6 ?

    - That Q1 is a better choice in power and sound quality ?

    - Fiio Q1 is auto powered by USB ? I would think since X6 got this own alimentation is would be better…

    - On both DAC no problem with installing drivers ?

    What do you all advice me ?

    Thank you very much for your Help and advices
  5. Minicou
    Hello All,

    Euljiro nicely take the time to give me his point of view and advices on both DAC :smiley::clap::clap::clap:.

    Then I gonna order the X6 this morning.

    As soon as I will receive it I will post my review here to share with you my feeling about it.

    Wish you all a nice WE.

  6. cqtek

    Today I bought this DAC, probably in three weeks will come to my house.
    I have a Fiio Q1 and I want something with different sound and stationary to use connected to my PC. Do you think is a better change?
    Other question is I can use LM4562NA instead OPA2134?

    Thank you.
  7. Eujin
    Hi, I really think that the X6 better then Q1. But you need to understand that you should have a good (not cheap) hadphones (over 150-200$) and you should e a melomaniac :) TO tast a sound quality.
    In show room I saw a metal guy ( long hair, wearing black ... you know .. ) and he check a < 50$ speakers. He listen.. then tune volume up and the speakers started to crack. He nodded his head and said "I'm buying"
    I want to say that only YOU can decide which is better.

    no need.
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  8. cqtek
    Thank you very much @Eujin. I have some iem's and earbuds:

    Takstar PRO80.
    IEM's: RHA T20, RHA MA750, RHA S500, 1More E1001 (Triple Driver), Ostry KC06A, KZ ZS5, KZ ZS3, KZ ZST, KZ ZSE, VJJB V1, Fiio EX1, Rock Zircon, MEMT X5.
    Earbuds: 1More EO320, QianYun Qian39, QianYun Qian69, T-Music v1 (Bass Tuned), Toneking TP16, EMX500, VE Monk Plus, Mrz Tomahawk, Pioneer SE-CE521-K, Edifier H180, Vido, EB200, MX500 PK1.

    The most expensive are RHA T20.
    I will try to discover the differences with someone. But the main pourpose is change the tonality of Q1, for me is boring, I need some more punch. And to have a stationary DAC connected to my PC.
  9. Minicou
    Hi all,

    Because of this post, you review, your advices and especially because of Euljiro I ordered the Dac X6 few weeks ago….I just received it one week ago but I wanted some days to be sure about my feeling and impressions.

    I bought the DAC X6 to power my Gamer Headset Sennheiser Game zero in gaming sessions

    Before :

    My Sennheiser Game Zero was connected to my PC to the integrated soundcard of my mother board.

    The sound was clear but tiny and Maximum volume (100%) was quite low for me for a good immersion in game.

    With Dac :

    Sound get amazing in very different way :

    - Sound is really Wider, I am not listening sound game anymore, I am really in the game !

    - Sound is clearer, I get details that I never heard before !

    - Dynamic is now huge and even violant : General sound is at a moderate volume but if you shot a bullet it seems to be real according volume, dynamic and sound stage !

    - My maximum listening is 45% of volume and sound is very lound with no distortion and Amplifiers still got juice to provide

    For me the DAC get higher that I was expected, I am quite happy about my purchase and I want to thanks you all for you review and advices !
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  10. Eujin
    I don't like earbuds. I buy "Faaeal Iris 1.0/2.0 hifi" in aliexpress just for a short walks around the city and it takes a few place. Sounds not bad.


  11. cqtek
    I have built a homemade kit to measure output impedances and I have measured the impedance of this model.
    It gives about 8 Ohms.
    I have measured the maximum voltage also:
    With a load of 33 Ohms gives 2.67V
    With a load of 100 Ohms gives 3.11V
    With a load of 330 Ohms gives 3.30V

    To measure the output impedance I used the method described here:


    But I have tested it with 50Hz and 1KHz sinusoidal waves separately without changes in the results.
  12. l0rdraiden

    New X7 model, I think is still not available to sell, according to Google the picture is 2 days old.


    • FX-Audio DAC-X7 DSD USB DAC 32bit / 384kHz with headphone XMOS+CS8422+AK4490 + TPA6120
  13. SSSN
    Again with the craptastic TPA6120A2 and its awful ~10 Ohm output impedance. This opamp should be buried for good.
  14. joasjoas
    Va well the X 6 for 600 ohm? Someone with experience? Or go for RL O2 + ODAC
  15. KipNix
    Here is the Russian translation that was asked for earlier. Mods, if this has already been translated, or if it's not allowed to cut and paste it in here, please delete.

    Briefly about the device:

    DAC-X6, an inexpensive device that is a USB DAC, capable of operating as a computer sound card, receiving and processing a digital signal over the OTG from a smartphone, in addition to reproducing the signal received through optical and coaxial inputs. Also from the output interfaces are available, an earphone and two channels "R" and "L" for acoustics.

    I'm not a very big specialist in such devices, but judging by everything, the DAC-X6 has quite good, for its price, a set of microcircuits. So, the processing of sound is answered by chips: CS8416 + CS4398 (the same is installed in Fiio x3-2, as well as xDuoo x3) + OPA213, for the amplifying part: the OP275 + TPA6120 chips.


    Any problems with the work of USB from the computer is not noticed, the music from my Nexus 5 with the player Onkyo reads (I listen exactly when I write this review), with Playstation4 on optics also worked.

    The case is made entirely of metal, very high quality, does not heat up during operation. The volume control does its work smoothly, fixes the position of its position.
    A small disappointment due to the lack of the ability to play content from google music, it seems that the player from the corporation of good does not support this possibility, or tell me if there is something.

    About sound:

    At once, as for amplification, the DAC is very powerful, for comparison it is more powerful than xDuoo x2 and x3 in 2.5 and even 3 times, which already speaks volumes. I think problems with the pumping of any headphones (except for the most neglected cases) will not exactly cause problems.

    Sound with a slight bias in the light side. Do not get it wrong, everything is very good with the bass, however, audio lovers who appreciate dark sound, multibits and other "muzhiks" this circumstance, probably, do not like. DAC-X6 is a typical deltasigma (in a good sense), very detailed throughout the range, including at the top. The bass and the middle of an excellent resolution without a hint of looseness. Feed emotional and musical, I personally liked.

    When I turned on the device for the first time, put on my Superlux 668B, did not even believe my ears, they played so clearly and in detail, I got into the driver settings, I thought suddenly switched on, some "improvements", but no, just superluxes got power and amplification , which they lacked on the portable (xDuoo x2, x3).

    I liked very much how the DAC sang with VE Monk, of course there is not such a global difference with the players as in the superluxes, but subjectively, the control of the bass has improved, the sound has become even denser and more detailed.

    Despite the fact that the device works from an alternating current network, the DAC-X6 has a very low background noise level. During the music playback it is not audible at all, if you pause and uncheck the volume to the maximum it's audible, but take it into account it is not worth the noise is weaker than xDuoo x2.

    I do not have other specialized fixed devices for comparison with the DAC-X6, but I do not doubt that its sound is better than that of my portable device.


    A multifunctional device with an adult sound, for a very reasonable price, an unequivocal masteh. Personally it seems to me that the DAC-X6 is a good alternative to an expensive hi-fi player, for use at home - I recommend.
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