FX-Audio DAC-X6 2016 Release; potential sub-$100 king?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by tj28, May 23, 2016.
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  1. Carco11
    Hi , I would like to know what you'd recommend me. I'm thinking in buying a dac/amp and i don't know what could be better option , buying the x6 dac or buying a mp3 (with a good dac and amp ) that can be used like a computer dac. 
    I'm interested in the mp3 because i travel a lot but I don't know if there is a good mp3 with the characteristics i search (Good dac , that it can be uses like pc dac , under 100$ max 150$).
    And I don't know how can be compared the quality of a portable mp3 with a desktop dac.
    Pd: Actually i have an s7 edge and a htc one m7 so i would like to get an upgrade in sound quality.
  2. Tzuky
    I read here and there that some of the Fiio mp3/lossless players are pretty good for what you are describing... so you might want to check some of Fiio products that offer PC-Dac and mp3 combo. I on the other hand have no personal experience with the devices
  3. Jasontheguitarist
    I bought an X6 from Amazon, and after playing with a for a few days I think mine has a problem. I've noticed it seems to be clipping when using the headphone amp. In foobar, I can play a loud section of a song (or just a loudly mixed song) and I hear distortion in the low end, but reducing foobar's volume and increasing the amps volume clears it up and it sounds very good.

    The problem with this workaround is I'm also using the digital out from my TV and that has no way to reduce the level, so it clips during loud music and effects in movies/TV.

    I'm bummed because I really like this thing, I don't know whether to return it for another X6 or try something different.
  4. Mipaw
    Can you name a few songs or movie trailers that clips? I will let you know if my unit has the same issue.
  5. Jasontheguitarist
    Hey, so thanks to your reply, I tore the box back open and hooked the x6 back up, only for it to sound perfect...

    The plot thickens.

    I did some more troubleshooting and I ended up hooking everything back up like I had it before.

    Turns out, Its not clipping, Its just static. It's only occurring when I have the RCA line out connected to my old 1983 Yamaha stereo receiver.

    Try this, while listening through the headphone amp, connect an RCA cable to the line out, then touch the red and white together at the other end. That produces the same static sound. I tested the line out connected to another older receiver and it does the same thing. Strangely, the line out connected to a set of powered computer speakers doesn't cause an issue.

    I find it interesting that the line out can cause interference on the headphone amp like that, and really only noticeable when the source signal is more saturated.

    I wonder if all the X6s have finicky line outs like this? The actual sound over the line out is great though.

    Do you have the line out connected on yours?

    Edit: So another strange thing, with the X6 line outs connected to the receiver, the static goes away/becomes quieter when the receiver is powered on.
    Last edited: May 4, 2017
  6. Mipaw
    I do hear static noise when touching the red and white cable together. But that's all I heard.
    I then connected my X6 line outs with Little Dot MK3 tube amp ON/OFF and didn't notice any issue on the X6 headphone out.
    I don't have any receiver to test on unfortunately...

    Although I'm not very certain, it's possible that you're having a ground loop issue of some kind?
    If ground loop is the case here, my guess is, your PC powered speaker and X6 are pluged into seperate power source. On the other hand, X6 and receivers are sharing same power source (i.e. same extension cord; same wall socket).
    That's just my two cents.

    Edit: Or maybe one of your devices, X6 or receivers doesn't have ground wire connected properly?
    I could be wrong though, since I'm not majoring in electrical engineering.
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
  7. Arzach
    I get sound only on 24 bit format and I can't control volume with windows 7 (through usb), is it normal?
    Also, is it ok to hook very low imp hp (12 ohms) through the back pre-amp? I have to keep the volume at literal minimum with the amp (but I have no problems with that).
  8. Mipaw
    1. It is normal that you can't control volume with windows. It's designed to be like that.
    2. The rear RCA output is a fixed line-out. I do not recommend plugging any headphone directly to it regardless of impedance.
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  9. avionzero
    Im having issue with the X6, I've connected the X6 to my Hidizs AP60 DAP via USB, everything's playing OK (on shuffle) but sometimes when the next track comes on all i can hear was static.
  10. castaway1
    how do people with DAC use volume control? they tinkering always with physical volume? its a bit uncomfortable and im very surprised that i cant use master volume in windows 10. only in app volume like inside yotube or inside winamp. Can you tell me how you deal with it?
  11. Mipaw
    Well, I believe many people only use the physical volume control knob on their amp.

    You want to set Windows volume at 100% because it is digital stepping. Meaning it reduce the bit depth correspondingly when you reduce the volume slider.
    Therefore, ideally, it's recommended to keep windows volume at 100% to avoid distortion. Imo, this could be why FX-audio disable windows volume control.
  12. castaway1
    thank you for explanation. i had to try that DAC with my other computer to be sure about that and now i know i dont have faulty unit. Im good in DIY so i can make volume control myself but i was curious about this volume "problem". Now i know i have to deal with it :)
  13. Mipaw
    If you really want to adjust the volume from Windows instead of physical volume knob. Despite being digital stepping, the workaround is using an optical cable instead of USB. (you'll need to buy your own optical/spdif cable)
  14. castaway1
    oh it works that way?thats new to me. thank you a lot! wouldnt find out without you.
  15. Mipaw
    If your source (PC/Laptop/Soundcard) has optical/spdif output, Yes you can control volume in Windows. Good luck :)
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