FX-Audio DAC-X6 2016 Release; potential sub-$100 king?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by tj28, May 23, 2016.
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  1. Tzuky
    Thank you Eujin, you are correct for the difficult of finding "before" "after" sound... For now I will ceep this configuration.. In the futureI might take your advice and change some off these capacitors for a bit bigger ones as you did. And for the record i could notfind any schematic eather... At least we know with upgrading capacitors the device will live longer than with the cheap and probably fake original capacitors
  2. whitexp
    [color=rgb(33, 33, 33)]  [/color]
    Could one please kindly tell a list of capacitors that can be exchanged and which capacitors to buy?
  3. Tzuky
    If you check previous posts of mine and you will see what I changed and with whatI changed it with. No point of repeating myself :)
  4. whitexp
    hi is possible use 4.735v or not ? 
  5. Tzuky
    "4.735v" voltage? I dont understand the question
  6. castaway1
    i think he mean 4.7uF 35V but im not sure 
  7. bfhyan
    Hello there.
    My X6 arrives today, will test it when I get home at night.
    Saw you guys changing the inside components, can you tell me the reason?
    Also, the power source that comes with it is very bad isn't it? 
  8. castaway1
    did you ordered from AE?im about to buy one too. Can you let me know what you think? first impressions :) 
    they tinkering with capacitors for better sound maybe lowering noise.
  9. Tzuky
    The power sopply works... But if you ask me it isso badly made that I personaly do not feel comfortable to keep it plugged all the time for safety reasons.... The inside "branded" capacitora are fake in my opinion so that is why I replaced mine... I do believe it sounds cleaner now...but that might be placebo lol. The operational amplifier I changed because I wanted more warm sound... So in general thats it from me :) if you have a place where you can get good quality capacitors and like DIY jobs... It is fun upgrade. :)
  10. bfhyan
    Is it normal to not like the sound of this? Like, this is the second CS4398 that I don't like. First it was the Xduoo X3, now this.
    Srsly, I like my mobo sound more than this...
  11. Tzuky
    Depending on your speaker setup, you might find it bright sounding... My speakers are very warm sounding and I still replaced the opamp with OPA2604 to make it sound warm... I do think that makes more difference than the DAC chip itself.
  12. Tzuky
    Forgot to ask you are talking about the dac or the headphone amp? I dont like the headphone amp part... I have one of these mini usb dacs with PCM2704 chip inside.... For headphones it sounds much better in my opinion
  13. bfhyan
    Well, I didn't like it that much and got it in cheap price so sold it for profit haha
    Will look for something that sounds different to pair with my little dot mk ii (which I will put my hands in 2 weeks)
  14. Mipaw
    What dac do you have in your wish list?
  15. bfhyan
    I have no clue of which one I should get. Any recomendations? Nothing over 150 bucks tho...
    Was thinking of a Schiit one  to pair with the MK II.
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