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FX-Audio DAC-X6 2016 Release; potential sub-$100 king?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by tj28, May 23, 2016.
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  1. tj28
    A new iteration of FX-Audio's flagship-class DAC-X6 has been released for 2016. I have yet to find any audiophile reviews for this model in English so the value of this DAC is still unknown, however, it looks very promising.
    Technical Specifications:

    Standard Input Interface: PC USB / coaxial, fiber optic (with toggleswitch)
    Standard output interface: 6.35mm headphone output base linestandard RCA connectors
    Color: Black
    Panel Color: Black / Silver(pls tell us which the color you want,or we will send the color randomly)
    Line level output: RMS 2V
    Perfect driving 32Ω-600Ω headphones
    Output power: 90mw / 600Ω, 180mw / 300Ω, 450mw / 100Ω, 610mw / 62Ω, 910mw / 32Ω, 1000mw / 16Ω
    SNR: ≥105dB
    Distortion: ≤0.001%
    Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
    Adapter Voltage: 100-240ACV
    Machine power / adapter output voltage: Dc12V 1A above
    Machine dimensions: 146mm x 98mm x35mm (including protruding parts)USB-tier manufacturers in Taiwan with a stable performance VIAVT1630, high
    resolution, under a wide range 
    of frequencysupport 44.1K-192k 24BIT 16BIT mode mode 44.1K-96K, Android4.2.2 system can support OTG mode (need native system),support Applle
    phone tablet, etc. OTG mode,
    DAC part is fineCS8416 + CS4398 LPF output using OPA

    There also is the DAC-X6J for the Japanese market, and from what I can tell based off of Google Translate, there was something incompatible with the Chinese version in regards to voltage and amperage requiring a different revision for Japan.
    I think a few Head-Fi'ers own this DAC and I would love for it to be reviewed & compared against the Fiio E10K and other established DAC's in the sub-$100 space.
    The DAC-X6 can currently be purchased for $59USD on AliExpress at the following link: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/feixiang-DAC-2015-X6-febre-HiFi-amp-USB-digital-coaxial-DE-fibre-decodificador-DE-audio/32410721374.html
  2. Riversalt
    Any news??
    I'm interested dac-x6.
    Thank you.
  3. tj28
    No, unfortunately. I should mention that there is a headphone amplifier on this board as well, so at $58~$60 this is a steal. All of the other outputs are unamplified.
  4. Riversalt
    Thank you.
    I'll look offers Aune x1 MK2.
    I use coaxial spdf my blu ray.
  5. tj28
  6. playmate
    I have this and i love it. Unfortunately i can't make a direct comparison to any other dac/amps as it my very first. I got it for Christmas, so it might be a 2015 revision. The amplification is loud and clean. Seems to have decent channel separation. Maybe the best thing i have to say about it is that i haven't found any problems with it. At all. I paid 70$ and made them put a 10$ price on the packaging to avoid customs.

    If you have questions i will do my best to answer them.
  7. Riversalt
    Wow !!
    Could you describe how the music sound, movies?
    What headphone you using?
    You are using the coaxial spdf?
    Sorry bad English.
    Thank you
  8. Riversalt
    Thank you.
    I am using Google translator and happy to know details opinions other buyers.
    Strange little find almost anything reviews / opinions seen a quick look at Aliexpress many sales of happy buyers worldwide.
  9. playmate
    They sound very good. I have used these headphones for the most part: Phillips SHP9500, AKG K550, Creative Aurvana Live, as well as various IEM's such as Vsonic Gr07. 
    As I said, I can't really compare the sound to any other DAC/AMPS, but it's a huge improvement of the old soundcard I had in my PC. Sounds clean, decent channel separation and everything just sounds really good.
    I use the optical spdif. I actually chose this AMP/DAC for two main reasons, besides it being cheap. It has all the inputs one could need (USB, coax, optical). Also the line level output is 2V RMS, which was the highest I could find. All my headphones are very efficient, but if I had to use some headphones the higher line level output is something that can make a bit of a difference. 
    stryed likes this.
  10. Euljiro
    Hey, I want to pick this thing up as my first DAC/Amp. I have a Sennheiser HD 518 on the way. So I have 2 (potentially dumb) questions.
    1. The signal output ports, are they pre-amp outs? I want to plug in my powered speakers. So I want to benefit from the DAC but not double-amplify the speakers. Also want to be able to use the volume knob to control the volume. Will I be able all this with it?
    2. When I plug in my headphones, will it automatically mute the speakers?
    Thank you very much.
  11. HotIce
    Looks promising for its price, but I am a bit suspicious about the power output claims, given a 12V DC supply.
    Unless there is a DC booster circuit, which is not clear (I did not notice any related circuitry), even considering the advertised power as peak and not RMS, they look quite a bit inflated.
  12. Primus2112
    Anyone else get these? Or have used them before? I am thinking of getting this versus the Monoprice amp. 
  13. Euljiro
    So, i just got this in the mail today. Ordered via Aliexpress, everything was easy and smooth. There seems to be quite a number of sellers offering the X6. I got mine here http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/7855283059.html?orderId=76612193643834. I got mine after 8 days, free shipping to Korea. 
    The unit was well packaged inside a box with sufficient protection. The whole thing isn't heavy so you shouldn't worry about any potential damages. It came with the X6, somewhat nice clear blue USB cable, a 3.5mm to quarter-inch adapter, and the power. The power supply wasn't well built at all, the cable is way too short. 2 feet max, don't know the exact length. It has the flat US plug and came with a flimsy adapter to Korean/EU plug. I (you also) will need to find a new power supply for sure.
    Now, this is not going to be a review, I'm way under-qualified to deliver any reviews. But since no one is really talking about this product and I have benefited from all the knowledge people share on Head-Fi, I might as well contribute.
    Before I start, this is my very first dac, amp, or dac/amp combo. I recently got myself a Sennheiser HD 518, after 8-9 years with the B&W P5 (the first batch with leaky glue). That said, I can't compare the X6 to anything else out there. I can't really tell you how it performs on the different headphones. So that should give you all a better idea where I'm coming from with this. One of the reason I was not willing to get a better (more expensive) pair of headphones and the dac/amp was simply I wasn't sure if I could ever hear the difference. I never went to any physical stores to try out stuff also, that's part of the skepticism preventing me buying expensive stuff to start things off.
    The set up, I was listening from my desktop and laptop. The desktop uses AsRock X99 motherboard with PuritySound 2 chip. The laptop is the Thinkpad T450. Nothing special there, should be what most folks use also. All the songs are in .flac and being played on foobar2000. So for me, I was simply just looking for any 'differences' and 'improvements' I can notice from using the X6 vs just straight from the headphone jack off the computers.
    So, did I hear any difference? In short, YES. Improvements?, YES also. From the inexperienced ears of mine, I first put David Bowie's space oddity on. Listened through the X6 then back straight to the desktop, I could hear that David Bowie was whispering  six, five, four, three…on my left ears and that creepy voice of his on the right singing …check ignition and may god's love be with you… I think this fits the definition of having better/bigger sound stage. I felt there's more space between his voice, his other voice, and the instruments. More airy in the song.
    Then, I wanted to check for the bass! I sometimes hear people saying this and that tightens the bass, bla bla bla. So I put on Zedd's clarity, some EDM for that bass. Wow, big surprise, the difference, I was never expecting this. Tighter, punchier, more controlled. So all those people reviewing headphones, they weren't high on psychedelics, these words really describes what I heard.
    Then I switched to the laptop, started that off with Blondie's heart of glass, call me and some more (if you want to complaint about the song choice, start a new thread). I think the vocals popped out more, It sounded more colorful. Comparing from what I hear from the laptop's onboard, dare I say the vocals became 'juicier'? Some of the instruments retrieved to the back and some moved forward, I not fully understand when people say instruments separation.
    Then, last one, the biggest difference I heard all evening. I put the Cranberries's Zombie on, right after the song starts, there's the part where the guitar was playing with distortion on. It's amazing the difference it made, that guitar wasn't annoying to me anymore. I could hear the other instruments so much clearer. And yeah, the sound is 'cleaner' for sure.
    So definitely it made the difference in sound coming out of my computers. Again, I can't compare this to anything else. While it made a difference for me, I don’t know if that would mean anything to you. One thing for sure, my ears aren't rubbish. I feel more confident to go on and take a deeper adventure into the world of high fidelity audio. Massdrop take my money already! Will save up for the Asgard 2/modi 2 uber to use at home, the X6 will move to my desk at work once I get that Schiit together.
    Oh before I forgot, powerrrr! The HD 518 is 50 Ohm, so it's not hard to drive. My laptop was struggling to made the 518 reach the point of too loud to listen to. Whereas the X6 needed the volume only to be at 20-25%. Again, I can't test the power with higher impedance headphones out there.
    Hope this helps those looking to get this thing. Questions are welcome, though I doubt I could answer them all.
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  14. Primus2112
    I just ordered it today! And just came here to let everyone on this thread know. Great and pleasant surprise to see your review! I appreciate it! I ordered mine from AliExpress and hopefully will arrive as soon as possible. Lol. I will also post my review and thoughts as well. Hopefully this one is the one that can power my fostex Mark3's more efficiently. [​IMG] 
  15. GodZeon
    Hey there, thanks for the review. I am really interested in picking one of these up.
    How would you describe the signal noise on these, do you hear any background noise/hiss? (especially during quiet parts of songs/when playing nothing)
    Also, please try listening after increasing the volume and let me know if you hear any noise.
    I am really sensitive to noise and want something with a noise floor as low as possible, also this is an indicator of quality.
    Thanks again,
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