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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Vipu
    I cant wait to order PH someday but im bit worried about the highs, are they really fatiguing and sharp like some people say?
    That can be fixed with EQ right?
  2. Eylrik
    Highs are not that sharp and fatiguing. Relatively speaking they are more fatiguing than lcd2 but nothing to compare with th900 for exemple. The thx00 ph are very detailed semi-closed headphones, but not to the point where it hurts from my opinion, even after a couple hours of listening. Then we all have different ears.
    Of course you can always tune-up your sound via eq and also with pads swapping and/or using the adequate DAC.
  3. Zbell
    I must say that I find something (either the treble or the resonances) on my stock PH fairly fatiguing. However, after a partial Lawton Mod on the drivers and different pads (Dekoni Fenestrated Sheepskin), I absolutely love my PH and don't find them fatiguing at all. I actually find them perfectly balanced and the best headphones I've heard. I do also run them through a Loki to get some more bass when I want it because the Dekoni pads make them fairly neutral. However it's very easy to swap pads back to stock if you really want more bass and don't like tone control.
  4. koover
    You should try the Ori pads.
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  5. Zbell
    Thanks Koover, I've heard people recommend the Ori pads before for the X00, but honestly I couldn't be happier with the Dekoni right now, albeit with some tone control for certain genres. Maybe I can test out the Ori at a meet or something.
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  6. Eylrik
    Has anyone tried to re-lacquer the cups of the thx00? It seems that despite my care and efforts, there are a number of small scratches here and there...
    Would be good also to preserve the fostex logo...
  7. SilverEars
    If you like forward vocals and bass that sounds like it impacts and shakes(or rumbles?) as it spreads it's sound radially(this is the best way to describe this unique bass), Ebony is the one for you. It's my go to for vocals, and I like using it with pop and jazz.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  8. SilverEars
    Anybody know what the stock TH-900 pads does to the sound? Looking to add more ear room to these. I'm thinking there was a reason why they made ear pads with smaller room than the TH-900.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  9. DavidA
    They will change the sound stage and imaging a bit wider but it also made the bass of the TH-X00 a bit over powering and pushing the mids even further back which I didn't care for. But comfort was so much better over the stock TH-X00 ear pads.
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  10. SilverEars
    When I listen to jazz with bass I understand why the wooden cups works so well for the genre. It's probably the natural acoustic resonances from the wooden cups. Just like musical instruments.

    Nice and warm bass tonality with jazz with bass as the backbone.
  11. SilverEars
    Nicki Parrott sounds damn good! I think I found a fav smooth jazz vocals. I swear her recordings are made to sound super pleasant for the ears. Warm soundin with smooth vocals.
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  12. FireLion
    Has anyone tried lambskin leather replacements that are similar to stock? I have them but can't test as I do not have Denon or Fostex laying about.

    Here they are beside a pad that is similar to an Ori.

    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  13. Eylrik
    Hey, does anyone have a recommendation / idea for a nice hard case for the thx00?
  14. gLer
  15. theangelboy
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