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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Euphonik
    Ah yes, I almost forgot about that. I listened to a pair at a local meet and now I need to get some [​IMG] 
  2. Vonsid
    Did anyone try the Dekoni Massdrop Sheepskin pads with their TH x00 ? What's the difference with the stock pads in term of comfort / sound ? Thanks.
  3. tradyblix

    Yes, I did. It's an improvement in every way in terms of comfort and there's no sound difference, or it might even be slightly better with them, didn't aggressively a/b it. Finally the pads these phones deserve. They are literally almost identical except memory foam and the real leather is a thousand times nicer than pleather. 
  4. WayTooCrazy
    I don't listen to my Purple Hearts much. They just kinda sit there looking pretty on my headphone stand (they do look damn pretty sitting there too). Sad, i even spent the time to cut down the cord and affix a switchcraft right angle 3.5mm connector.

    So, i pulled them off the shelf. Used a 3.5mm extension to allow the connector to make it through the tiny opening in my phone case and played some music. 2 hours later, i was still smiling. Dunno why i don't use these more, probably because i do most headphone listening just before i go to bed, and they normally reside in my office in the basement. Well, whatever. I fully approve the pairing of the LG V20 and the Purple Heart... They work well together.
  5. sikki-six
    Here's my review of the Purplehearts - vs. Denon D2000. 
    I like the D2000 more.
    P.S. How come is my review the first for the PH's? Weird. There should be bunch of people with these now.
  6. innaterebel
  7. UNOE
    Does it change sound or not
  8. Hunki Chunki
    Yes the change in pads do affect the sound.
  9. inseconds99
    Ordered some Th900 pads, trying to open up the stage a little bit and maybe add a little energy to the treble for gaming. Can anyone with experience pad rolling to the th900s give me a description of what I should be expecting?
  10. AT Khan
    Finally, my mmcx connectors arrived today... in a few hours I modded the damn stock cable.
    Like they say, two hands cables are better than one. (EMU Ebony with aluminum aesthetic mods).
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  11. tradyblix

    It is not a big deal. It didn't change the sound so drastically I would not want them.
    After all 1.) Same drivers 2.) Same enclosure mechanics 3.) Almost identical shape and size of the pads.
    Really - head-fi sometimes is it's own worst enemy. There is so much misinfo on these forums. I'm out. I want to go to a place where every small thing isn't a constant battle or argument. Peace. 
  12. Spork67
    I'm intrigued that you spent the extra $100 for the ebony, then covered the wood up.
    Is the sound that much different to the mahogany's?
  13. AT Khan

    Well believe what you want... the sound does change with pads, even with the slightest most subtle differences. Been there, done that.
  14. ProfFalkin

    As I read the previous posts, the first thing I thought was "what battle/argument?"

    If you are so intolerant of others opinions, why come to a public forum in the first place?
  15. AT Khan

    oh sorry... well I didn't pay that extra $100. I got these for the same price as any other wood (Rosewood, Teak & Ebony, and not the X00 Mahogany, Rosewood, Purple Heart or Ebony). Teak is the best, most neutral. Ebony and Purple Heart are a bit towards more low end and rolled-off highs - something I'm completely at peace with.
    I just wanted to play around with some dorky Y2K metal punk. I'll undo it later, or may as well grab some other woods for a more different flavor.
    From my understanding, Mahogany is a bit lighter on the bass-end and still very good overall. Highs may hurt at times... again, from what I've gathered.
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