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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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    Where can could I get my hands on that strap? I cant seem to find it, and it looks awesome.
  2. twiceboss
    I certainly finding for a special EDM cans.

    I have th600 but it just not works well with my taste. The highs are too sharp when i crank up the volume to a certain level. I really love to crank up volume during edm listening so i need a warm headphone with a damn good punchy bass.

    Should i get this or MDr Z7?
  3. KewlMunky
    The closest music I listen to that's EDM is Daft Punk and Korn's Dub Step album. I definitely preferred the TH-X00 to the MDR Z7. The Z7 has enveloping bass, but it feels very soft. My Purple Hearts definitely had much more satisfying bass. About the same quantity, but significantly more slam. The highs on the TH-X00 are also elevated. Basically these cans are designed to be fun, and EDM tends to focus on elevated treble and bass.
    While the Z7 is the most comfortable headphone I've ever worn, I definitely wouldn't take it over the TH-X00.
  4. SHAMuuu

    EDM/ Club Dance/ Club Disco  can be enjoyed with that deep rumbly bass or face smashing bass. Depends what you want. An unpopular choice xb950 does a good job, though not best for other genres, i enjoyed it like on my xb1k (fav for edm/90s club) which makes your ear drums feel like popping and skull shakes. Where as on dt 770 80, its more deep bass rumble, not skull bashing bass.
    Sometimes one does not wish to feel that heavy bass pressure in sealed closed can, and the richer, more textured bass is preferred. But you can only get that in the club feel with bass heavy boomy cans (that dont do other genres well) (0s club music has vocals time to time, and thats an added challenge. But Bass more important.
    Thats my opinion, thats why you need lots of cans :D
  5. twiceboss

    Well i have hd800 for vocal listening. I also have th600 for bass slamming song. The sad thing is th600 doesn't suit my taste when it comes to Edm. Edm has bass and treble a lot, the treble on th600 will ruin my listening session. I cant crank up the volume, i scare that x00 is the same in that way. Good bass but peaky treble which will limit my volume to feel like in the club.

    Ive spent a lot and still cant find the one for my edm. Mdr z7 is warm bassy which i thought can suit my taste, no one here recommend that :thinking: but why...
  6. SHAMuuu

    Im sure one of the top 10 on that basshead list should satisfy. If you can demo them. But I personally like the sony xb line for it. Because its not bright, and you can crank up volume, which i can't always do with certain cans which float on that line of bright/ear piercing highs
    At the priced xb500 go for, its a low risk investment at 80-100US
    The thing with bass slamming cans is you get your fix then you want to relax with a non fatiguing higher SQ mellow can
  7. KewlMunky
    One of the mentioned features for the TH-X00 is they intended to fix the treble issue with the TH-600. I haven't heard the TH-600, so you'll have to search around for some comparisons to see if anyone can confirm it is fixed/better.
  8. twiceboss

    So, who's here has thx00 as a inventory headphone and willing to give me time to audition it? I jus scare x00 is kinda the same thing eith th600
  9. chenjy9

    The TH-X00 is different from the TH-600 and that is exactly why so many people like it while no one (OK fine... precious few people) likes the TH-600. Hopefully you can find someone to let you audition locally, but in comparison to TH-600, it has much less peaky and piercing treble (though still a bit peaky at times), more pronounced midrange (still a bit recessed though), and IMO more bass impact and less extension.
  10. sikki-six
    I tried switching the pads between my TH-X00 PH and D2000 - oh my.
    TH-X00 PH (with D2000 pads)
    Treble hell! This is NOT working to say the least. Those highs & upper mids are way too much upfront.... Maybe someone needs this amount of highs? I seriously doubt it, though. Surprisingly, the comfort is still worse than D2000. That overt mid-bass (vs original pads) isn't there though. Subs are better with the Denons. This is one very colored tuning.
    D2000 (with PH pads)
    Oh my, that's a very nice balance. These maintain the good stuff about the Denon (low bass punch, mid-bass not over-powering, energetic highs). That low bass has very good separation & clarity, it makes stuff sound big all round. This sound is just lots of fun. Right now, I'd be betting big money these two don't have the same drivers (anyone have info)? If they do, that wood vs plastic cup should make huge things to the sound. I doubt it.
    Ok. I'll change the original pads back. Let's see what happens.
  11. twiceboss

    So u mean here, i can reduce treble of my th600 by changing the pads of thx00? Where can i buy it? Link me pls!
  12. sikki-six
    I don't know what pads your TH600 has... The same kind as D2000? It's a way larger opening than the TH-X00 pads.
  13. twiceboss

    It should be the same with it. Th600 and th900 uses the same pad.

    So, where can i buy th x00 replacement pad?
  14. Pahani
    I'm not sure, but if you're referring to the pics I posted a few pages back, it's the ZMF Pilot Pad. (plus ZMF Omni Lambskin earpads)
  15. inseconds99
    Th-X00's with th900 pads, I love these headphones now. I liked them before but the better bass, increased stage and a little more excitement in the highs = perfect.
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