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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. John Q Lin
    Hi guys, for those who own the thx00 and hd650, how do they differ? Thanks
  2. innaterebel
    In TH-X00's case, we claim the influence because the stock pads of TH-X00 are in fact a part of its tuning kit, it has special parts built in the pads. So being identical in shape and size is theoretically not enough to achieve the exact same sound.
    No one said you are wrong (more like you were blaming the rest of us...), and it's good for you that you don't detect difference, still it is also a fact that somebody else does notice, and doesn't like it.
    People asked about the sound change, showing his/her concern about it, so it's naturally better to gather as many result as possible to decide; sure, so many times too much contradictive "confirmations" lead to more confusion, but then there is it, it means the answer is not without bias. This is pretty much the basis of all kinds of communication, "mis-info" included, and it is for each and everyone's life to examine what to believe and live. If we human know things definitively, yeah, earth might have been peace by now.
  3. innaterebel
    Not directly answering, but since you have the HD600, isn't it a lot easier to search for the comparison between 600 and 650? It should also be easier to get the idea about how 650 is like and then imagine the difference with TH-X00, since 600 is far, far closer to 650 than TH-X00. Directly compare TH-X00 and HD650 may result in a more abstract, unprecise impression as they are most likely polar from all the read.
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  4. ProfFalkin
    I would call them polar opposites. V vs mid focused.
  5. notfitforpublic
    TH-X00 compliments the HD600/650 in a collection. Fills a void the HD6xx leaves in some genres. One can not replace the other.
  6. xfob
    I've been using the Beyerdynamic DT990 for years now and I quite like it. The only grudge I have about it is certain tones sound kind of sibilant to my ears. (Ex. Rihanna's voice)
    Can someone confirm if the TH-X00 sound like that?
  7. NewbieSteve

    I just got the HD650 and the midrange is just so sweet and natural.
    On the other hand THX00 are like mini subwoofers strapped to your ear which is just dam fun.

    ...But if I had to choose one I would take the HD650. It's more versatile with all genre and I wouldn't say the bass is lacking in any way.
  8. chenjy9

    One is what the other is not.
    - Smooth, laid back treble
    - Smooth, lush, full midrange
    - OK mid-bass thump
    - Meh sub-bass extension
    - Kind of peaky treble
    - Recessed midrange
    - Great mid-bass thump
    - Solid sub-bass extension
    They are literally polar opposites of each other.
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  9. inseconds99
    Got my th900 pads in, so far so good. Seem to really increase the soundstage. Maybe I'm hearing things but that's what it seems. Sub bass seems more impactful as well. Sparkle in the treble is back similar to my old th900's. I feel like just a pad swap changed these things into a cheap th600
  10. John Q Lin
    Thanks for the detail reply
  11. crazychile

    I mostly agree but would add that TH-X00 are very easy to drive, and HD-650 need a great amp. I own both and love both. If I had to pick only 2 headphones to use on the home rig, these are it.
  12. chenjy9

    Oh yeah, there is also that. I use separate amps so I completely forgot about that. It further enforces that they are both polar opposites. :D
    The HD650 are best described as best for vocals, but at the very worst, inoffensive old and laid back all-rounders. The TH-X00 are the much younger, in your face, rock your ear drums type headphones that brings an excitement that some may not be able to handle, but most will appreciate the effort and energy. Also one is open and the other one is "closed".
  13. WayTooCrazy
    I think the EL-8 Open slots right in between those headphones. Probably more towards the HD650 though.
  14. chenjy9
    Me and a buddy finally had a chance to do some A/B testing between TH-X00 stock VS TH-X00 Dekoni and the sound definitely changes. The Dekoni pads makes the headphones brighter in general and more open sounding. It also seems to lose a good amount of sub-bass and a bit of mid-bass. I don't know if the midrange is more recessed or if the shift in balance causes it to sound that way, but it sounds less there as well. Maybe someone can make a tuning ring out of thin plastic/metal, shove it in under the mounting ring, and see if it makes a difference.
  15. HungryPanda
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