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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Pahani
    Hmm, I do have a pair of spare Alpha pads kicking around, but based on others' impressions earlier on in this thread, I never tried them on my PH's.
    I couldn't detect much if any change with the Omni Lambskin pads vs stock...but my ears are NOT the best. I bought them mostly for comfort anyway, which took a QUANTUM leap forward! I added the ZMF Comfort Strap as well.
    I don't have spare mounting rings, so any pad comparison I might try would take too much swap time to be relevant. I wouldn't be likely to do any swapping for my own use, as I'm very happy with the ZMF setup :) I still have yet to install the Lawton kit in my PH's, it's just sitting on my desk and waiting......
    (yes, I'm THAT horrible a procrastinator :p )
  2. jeffri

    Less body in midrange, not like TH-X00 is thick sounding with stock pads, but it makes it sound a bit thinner. I'm not sure if I can describe that properly, but I hope you get the idea. :) And honestly, I can't recommend it, if you like the sound of stock pads, then it changed a bit too much with TH900 pads. Not that it degrades the sound though, it still is pleasing to listen, but in a different way.

    Personally, I prefer the Omni pads, it offers much better comfort while not changing the sound much.

    One day I will get the Lawton mod as well. Has been curious about it for a while. :D
  3. doggiemom

    I like the can of Pledge off to the side to keep things dust free.  :wink:
  4. Billheiser

    I dig the galvanized pipe for stands.  I had the same idea, made 2 of 'em, strong and always reconfigurable too.
  5. eobet
    What is that leather sleeve over the headband?
  6. Pahani
    That's the ZMF Comfort Strap.
  7. Hunki Chunki
    For my big giant ears I had to switch the pads out to the ZMF Omni Lambskin earpads . When I use the original pads my ears were touching the inner surfaces. The ZMF Omni's had a larger earhole and didn't affect the sound much at all.
    Also, for my big giant head, I couldn't use the ZMF Pilot Pad (Lambskin headband sleeve thing), as it made the overall headphones too small to fit my watermelon head.
  8. snetman

    Great product. I find that a lemon-y scent really tightens the bass and smooths some of the treble peaks. :wink:
    Pahani likes this.
  9. Pahani
    You, sir, get a +1 for making me chuckle :)
  10. NewbieSteve
    Got both the Alpha pads and the Omni Pads today. Initial impressions is that Omni pads are indeed closer sounding to stock. The mid bass feels slightly elevated (probably due to better seal) but the overall balance resemble the stock sound. The Alpha pads elevates both mid-bass and sub-bass but the bass became slightly bloated. The mids also become a bit more recessed and the highs become more distant (good if you're want to reduce treble on the Th-x00). 
    Both are equally comfortable and much better than stock comfort, however the Omni pads feel stiffer compared to the alpha pads which also may contribute to the stock like sound. (see pictures)
    Both sound better than HM5 leather but not as good as stock (Omni's are 98% of stock sound, Alphas are 90%) but I will take a bit more time to thoroughly compare both pads. 
  11. Vonsid
    Hi guys, may i ask for how much went the PH version on Massdrop ? 449 ?
  12. AviP
    Mahogany - $399
    Purple Heart - $449
    Ebony - $499
    Vonsid likes this.
  13. Vonsid
  14. Euphonik
    I wonder how many requests are needed to get another drop...first one was "limited to 2000" so maybe that is the number- perhaps someone here might know.
  15. jeffri

    I don't think they are looking at the number. They will drop when they are ready. There is QC problem with the current batch, perhaps they are still recovering from that. Even the Ebony is experiencing a slight delay.
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