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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. m8o
    Perhaps it would negate confusion if we start calling the one sewn to the stock pad the "earpad back plate" or "earpad sound-focusing plate" and the other the "mounting ring".

    Notable differece, plate vs. ring.
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  2. Ra97oR
    How is everyone's luck with the polishing kit?
    It solved the general glossyness and the bubble wrap mark. But didn't help with the hole and dimples with the lacquer on my Purpleheart.
  3. KewlMunky
    Even after electing to return my Purple Hearts, Massdrop sent me a polishing kit. I guess it will be good to hang on to in the event I need it for the Ebony drop. If not, I'll probably send it out to a fellow user in need.
  4. crazychile

    Yeah, it doesnt remove orange peel and they dont give you enough to do a proper job.
  5. innaterebel
    Yea, since the mounting ring is what people will see at first sight when taking off the pads that is a ring and being plastic, and the inner plate is unique enough a design to be aware of, people not in the know naturally refer to the mounting ring when we say either "ring" or "plastic".
    Yea, pretty much one redundant rubbish post I am making I know. Just want to thank @m8o for the head up[​IMG]
  6. Eudis
    Pad attenuating ring.

    Pad mounting ring.

    People need to keep in mind that the pad ear hole shape/size/pad height/ pad angle play a role in the sound too. There's a measurable different between thx00 pads and Denon D2k pad.
  7. AOARoses
    I found the stock pads on the PH very comfy after owning them for 3 months. I also found that I did not like the sound signature as much as cheaper headphones like Focal Spirit Pro which is sad considering the gorgeous look of the THX00 PH. I wish PH has more emotional mids and bass at the properly sealed region like 30hz to 50hz.
  8. NewbieSteve
    I found the stock pads too stiff and hurt after 1-2 hours. While it wasn't bad, I do want to wear them for longer periods. While the alpha pads seem to be the way to go on this thread, zmf omni pads seem to be preferred on the EMU thread. So I ordered both and will be doing a comparison soon!
  9. AT Khan
    Hahaha I like the idea you guinea piggin for the rest of us... hehhehe!!! Do tell us how that goes. We'll decide then. [​IMG]
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  10. NewbieSteve
    My wallet hurts... I did try the HM5 leather pads before this but they killed the sound for me. The mids got more recessed and it sounded boxed in. Hoping the alpha or omni pads will be closer to stock :')
  11. WayTooCrazy
    Granted, I haven't used these headphones much (or headphones in general much), but what is the problem with the stock pads? They seem comfy enough for me. I do not listen more than 35-40 minutes at a clip though, so that could be part of it.
  12. MWSVette
    For me the problem with the stock pads are that the ear hole is a little small and I found the pads to be a little hard.
    I prefer the Alpha or TH-900 pads.
    Of course IMHO, YMMV, yada yada yada...
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  13. AT Khan

    The TH900 pads are indeed more room. Do they make the sound less focused, or reduce bass or affect stage or stuff in any way? Always been curious. Will need a replacement when my stocks die.

    The Hm5 leather angled ones are a downgrade IMO.
  14. jeffri

    I have TH900, Alpha and Omni Pads. In my experience:

    TH900 pads - thinner sounding, more airy and wider soundstage I think, a bit prone to sibilance, but bass has more low end rumble. More v-shaped but still sounds pretty good overall.

    Alpha pads - YMMV, but I don't like the sound with this. It was an old pads I used with my K551 that I enjoy a lot, however sounds kinda rough with TH-X00 for some reason.

    Omni pads - tamed the high end a bit, I think a slightly bigger soundstage and smoother sound overall. Sounds not much different than the default pads, but a bit more refined. Won't suit those looking for treble I think.

    Of course, again YMMV :)
  15. AT Khan
    Hmmm... so do you recommend TH900 pads over stock? And what do you mean THINNER SOUNDING? So treble and rumble BOTH?
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