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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. HungryPanda
    I honestly think the Purplehearts are beautiful, sound great too
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  2. sinky
    [​IMG]Hi all
             My purplehearts are on the way but I only have these amps
             Asus Xonar Essence ST Sound Card - Fiio E12 - Fiio X5ii -Little dot III .
             Are these easy enough to drive with my e12 /x5ii ?
             How much improvement can be had from a desktop solution ?
  3. sheldaze
    The Fostex headphones are easy to drive, but I think are undervalued for how much detail they can provide. What you'll be sacrificing is not power, but cleanliness of a higher end source.
    For you, I would recommend saving money until you were thinking of a much higher upgrade - or not to upgrade at all. Your equipment is quite fine for the Fostex headphones. And if you are thinking of a desktop upgrade in future, just get whatever you like the sound of, keeping in mind that low impedance output is best for the Fostex. Today though, just enjoy what you've got!
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  4. AT Khan

    I second this notion. You're covered. Any more power and you can risk blowing your drivers. Your arsenal is quite enough. They're 28 Ohms. Relax and enjoy, and only buy a super good DAC that's a grave margin better than what you have, and don't settle for anything less. And yes, you'll probably need a much better DAC, only later. Amping is quite enough. Yours is already overkill for what you need for the X00s.
  5. Spork67
    They are easy to drive.
    There is a massive potential for improvement with a good desktop system - but you can also spend a considerable amount of $ to get those gains.
    (You can also spend a moderate amount and still get a good improvement)
  6. TWerk
    You don't need a separate amp for them. They are plenty efficient to run fine without it. As are a lot of modern headphones.
    Sort of a perk for owning efficient headphones like these.
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  7. luvmusik
    See this thread page #499, post #7482 dated 7/16/16.
    Fellow has recently had Teak, Mahogany, Monkey Pod, Longan & other different woods which change from time to time.
    If he sells out, he restocks usually within a couple of weeks. Maybe you might be able to ask for a wood type; I think he has lighter or darker options for same wood finish.
    He also closes out B-stock cups too, beside his first quality ones. If you check his completed sales you can see photos of a few sets of these 4 woods.
    If you try these, let us know your impressions, others may also want to know.
    Another source to try is the site www.martincustomaudio.com which is Martin wood cups. The site shows fotos of a few woods he completed for Denon & Fostex models.
    I'm not affiliated with either guy or their materials.
    Hope it helps.
  8. luvmusik
    Here is the referenced post #7482, so you don't have to dig around searching.
  9. sinky
    That's fine for me then ,will stick with I,ve got and enjoy my tunes. 
    I Think upgrading my source and moving away from a pc soundcard to a standalone Dac might be the best way forward before I consider an amp then.
  10. Gavin C4
    Get a good dac and amp at a reasonable price I be great. You will be happy with your music. Enjoy your journey with the X00
  11. Asabides
    I just accidentally sat on my Fostex Purpleheart headphones, breaking one of the light metal pieces that connect the cup to the headband.  Anyone know how to replace that piece?  I didn't sit on it that hard and i'm not a very heavy person.  Pretty surprised at how fragile these headphones are.  :frowning2:
  12. HungryPanda
    It is a little screw that holds the cup, I had to tighten it up as it came loose, Had to take the cup off to do it, on the TX-900 thread there are  pictures showing how to do it
  13. Restia
    Looks like a th-900 mod with lawton wooden bowl. lol
  14. justvinh
    Can you give the exact link please? Thank you.
  15. HungryPanda
    Hi justvinh
    about half way down the page
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