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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. WilliamLeonhart
    No. From a practical point of view I think it's not rational to own both.

    But the heart wants what it wants, even that which is worse for the wallet.
  2. Spork67
    I don't understand wanting / needing several variants of essentially the same headphone, unless you want to try them all and just keep one.
    I do understand wanting several different HPs. for different uses / moods / music.
    That's why I got some STAX (which hasn't worked out well for me at this stage), some 400i (sold for same as they cost me - got to satisfy curiosity for the price of postage) and now some T1's (semi open instead of mostly closed).
    Really liking the Beyers - but no plans to sell the X00's.
  3. Gavin C4
    So true lol ! I will do my wallet a favor, saving it for something else. 
  4. Pahani
    Heh my baby Stax setup with amp cost me $550 :) At that price, they're the deal of the century for what you get....and this isn't the thread for it, but I see one place still selling them at that price. If you really look, you can find it.
    I find the biocellulose drivers in my X00 are sufficiently fast to give a general idea of electrostat speed. Not equal to, but a good step in the right direction compared to more conventional drivers.
    Compared to X00, my ears find my Stax to be better in every performance metric EXCEPT sheer bass volume. But as stated, the difference between them isn't as great as I expected. That being said, I am NOT a critical listener, straining to nitpick the most minute detail. Any differences I perceive are more obvious than that, as I hear them during normal everyday listening and with normal everyday music.
    Also worth noting is that my pair of Stax is the lowest model they make. Or made, actually....the 3100 system is the new replacement for the 2170. I find it best to ignore the SR007 and SR009, as I will never be able to afford them (factoring in the appropriate amp as well). My interest lies only in the lower Lambda models for pocketbook reasons.
    I am greatly pleased with BOTH headphones, they will make a good pairing for me for a long time :)
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  5. Gavin C4
    The brainwavz pleather angled pads that I order for my other headphone arrived. Tried it on the X00 before putting it on my AD1000X. The stock pads really sounds better, sound is more focused with slam on the bass. The design of the stock pads really plays a significant role in the tuning of the X00. But the Brainwavz pads are definitely more comfortable and the seal is better. 
    *Audio technica stock earpads are always too shallow, M50X AD1000X etc... really need to change them to brainwavz pads
  6. AT Khan
    Yeah I mentioned a few days ago that the stock pads are more preferable to me than either the angled sheepskin or the hybrid pads too.
  7. Gavin C4
    Now I really hope the eggshell protein material on the stock pads wont crack over the years.... It maybe hard to find replacement that offers a similar sound signature compared to the stock. 
  8. AT Khan

    Yeah that's one of my fears too... lets hope they live. Mostly on the internet though people have even the older denons with very acceptable looking pads so that puts some faith in me.
  9. fjrabon

    yeah, the baby stax are indeed quite the value.  I've come close to buying a pair often. 
  10. ForSure
    I have been using this for about 9 months.  My major complain is like all the closed headphone, it is hot to wear this for a long time.
  11. chenjy9
    Replace them with velour pads or put felt cutouts on them. :D
  12. Gavin C4
    I doubt the velour will be cooler. It only gives a softer touch. Velour pads are also hot, they feel warmer in the hot days. 
  13. AT Khan

  14. chenjy9

    I find that velour heats up much less quickly due to being more breathable.
  15. WayTooCrazy
    Well, going to listen to a few phones today when I go upgrade. I decided to make this ridiculous cable more manageable. So, I cut it down and made 2 cables out of the 1. Going to probably do a removable cable mod in the future though.
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