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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. justvinh
    same here pretty much, as I said they are glued so I think the chance is very small to none..
  2. The Third
    Ok so you were talking about the same thing :p Well, no matter. The PH's are endgame sounding to me, would easily buy a second pair. I hope they just update these cans with remove cables someday.
  3. vcmusik
    I don't know if anyone else was in on the Dekoni earpads from Massdrop. I saw that they had a sheepskin option so I went ahead and jumped on it. They arrived yesterday and while I absolutely adore the ZMF omni pads I've been using, I just had to satisfy my curiosity. 
    They came in a nice box with a magnetic clips that close for storage. 
    As far as how they affect the sound, I have to say I'm a bit surprised. There's something about the stock pads that kind of disappointed me, maybe it has something to do with the white plastic rings that were inside, but I don't remember what they were supposed to do. This set is just straight up memory foam and sheepskin, and they're very similar in sound to the ZMF Omni pads, albeit with a smaller, more intimate soundstage. As usual, since the driver sits closer to the ear, you can expect a tad less bass rumble (but more punch) and stronger treble. 
    Well done Dekoni, and this is coming from someone who was highly skeptical, if for no more reason than being wary of any company that deliberately spells "S" as "Z" (in their site name, www.earpadz.com, and, I'm also looking at you, Brainwavz). 
    Edit: After continued listening, I now remember what the plastic rings inside the stock earpads were for: attenuation of some of the treble frequencies. I'm starting to notice some sibilance in vocals and cymbals using the Dekoni pads. Not too much, but it's probably enough to cause some fatigue for some after long listening sessions. Maybe the effect is a bit subdued because I'm using a Vali 2 tube amp. 
  4. sovereign

    Massdrop sure are gluttons for punishment by continuing to use DHL in the US. Talk about adding insult to injury.
  5. ProfFalkin
    I will never Massdrop again. Between shipping, crap products or major incidents it's not worth my time or the stress.
  6. m8o

  7. WayTooCrazy

    My local USPS office does too. How can you deliver mail to me, and yet tell me my address is incorrect when a package was due to arrive today? What!?
  8. Gavin C4
    Did they include the plastic ring that attach the pads to the X00 with the Dekoni earpads ?
    The circle ring that lock the pad with the X00
  9. vcmusik
    No, it was just the pads. Honestly, I think that is a proprietary part for Fostex (and when it manufactures them with the headphones as an OEM for E-MU. Either that, or 3rd-party earpad manufacturers wouldn't think to include it because it's not something that easily needs replacing. 
  10. MWSVette
    You can get additional rings here;
    I bought a couple sets.  It makes pad rolling much easier if you do not have to mount the rings each time.
  11. Gavin C4
    Yea. But if I got one extra pair of ring, it would make pad rolling an easier process
  12. Gavin C4
    The purchase is a pair or single? 
  13. MWSVette
    Sadly they are single. 
  14. moedawg140
    For the price of the single ring, you might as well purchase HIFIMAN pads that already come with the rings for less than the price of 2 single rings. It's kind of like Anker and the pricing of some of their USB cables. You can purchase their lowest capacity powerbank/charger that comes with an Anker USB cable for close to the same price as a sole Anker USB cable!
    CraftyClown likes this.
  15. MWSVette
    I think the mounting rings are different on the TH-X00 than they are on the Hifiman cans.  
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