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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. AT Khan

    Unnecessarily thick and long cable. The Achilles heel of this otherwise awesome product.
  2. WayTooCrazy

    Agreed. I'm probably going to re-cable anyway. Just figured this was my fastest route so that I can take these on the go for some sound testing.
  3. Jozurr
    My TH-X00 has been modded by @PETEREK with a removeable cable mod and balanced termination, with a 4pin to SE adapter. I'm impressed by the quality of his work.
    Btw- Im reading mixed impressions on the TH-X00 PH bass compared to the mahogany. If someone owns them both, can you please post impressions? Ive been only reading impressions from people who have either had them for a very short time or only under meet conditions.
  4. MWSVette
    He did a nice job with mine too...
  5. Rewkie
    Looking to get some X00s soon, can't decide between the PH and mahogany.  Does the PH decrease the accuracy or speed at all?  I recently tried the IE80s, but compared to my M100s they just sounded really flabby and inaccurate, although I didn't give them much time for comparison, returning them the day after I got them.  Definitely not an experience I want with what will likely be my end game cans for the next year or two.  I have HD650s with a schiit vali 2 and modi 2, but I'm looking for a good bassy, fast, and accurate option to compliment my much loved 650s, which don't satisfy me at all when it comes to more bass-centric music.  My M100s do satisfy me on bass-centric music, but they aren't the most comfortable cans to say the least (even with the XL pads), and with everything I've heard about the X00s, they should be a large improvement over my M100s.
    I've also heard some dodgy reviews of the PH vs mahogany thing, some people saying the PH actually has less base, stuff like that.  Would greatly appreciate some suggestions from anyone who's heard them.
  6. ProfFalkin
    If I may, have you considered the E-MU Teak headphones? The Teak cups are slightly different, and the Teak wood sound is amazing. There is truly something special with these. It has great bass, but isn't bright, as I understand the TH-x00 might be. I love mine! They are readily available from Chan.
  7. betula

    I haven't heard the PH but I am pretty sure you would love either of them. X00s are far better than M100 in every sense. You won't have the airiness of the 650s, but you will get your dream bass. :wink: I do not think, there is much of a difference between the versions of X00. Mahogany said to be slightly more balanced than PH, but both have elevated bass and treble compared to other cans.
  8. DeadWaves
    I have both, PH is more bassy but not in a "wow it's so much different" way it's like it is just turned up a small notch with the fullness and punch. If you put the headphones on an unsuspecting person's head and played the same song on both it's unlikely they would be able to tell the difference unless they are looking for it. I use the PH more as I listen to music genres that benefit from as much bass as they can give and I like the looks more but I would have been perfectly content with the mahoganies.
    If you much prefer the looks of one over the other i'd go by that, that's how small the differences are, imo.
    Talking of, MD is shipping my polishing kit today for my pack marks, hope it does it's job as I really love the the wood of the PH.
    Definitely not the case with mine, which is as expected with initial reviews/graphs. I am wondering if the people that are experiencing more bass with the mahogs have the cup alignment issue on the PHs. I have (very occasionally) heard some people noticing the cup gap on some of these headphones is not as flush as it should be and after religning/tightening the issues going and better bass. Luckily I had no such issues on mine.
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  9. Pahani
    Makes me wonder as well if the poor PH reviews possibly had the foam discs in the wrong position.
    I haven't gotten around to trying the EZ Mods yet, wanted to install my Lawton kit *first* and fine-tune after with the tricks in that thread.
  10. Jozurr
    I do not think the TH-X00 are bright or shrill if you amp them right. Im amping them with some TS BGRP tubes and they sound exceptional. I can't believe I'm picking them much more lately than any of my high end cans.
  11. VRacer-111
    I only have the PH's, but I can't imagine them having less bass than the Mahoganies based on the reason the PH's were made in the first place...bass boost over the Mahoganies with more solid highs... The PH have so much bass that a change of pads to my old J-Money lambskin ones really works great...little loss in bass impact but the slight gains in bass extension, with increase in mid clarity/forwardness, and high clarity and detail increase is absolutely worth it. Bass is still insanely awesome, but more controlled (not that it was not controlled with the stock pads... just better controlled with the J-Money pads).
    The Vali 2 might not be the best amp for the TH-X00's though... but I guess low gain output would be fine on it... With the TH-X00 PH, your DAC and amp would certainly be the bottlenecks in the system. Not saying it will sound bad, just that an improvement in DAC/amp would get the full potential out of the PH's...
  12. Rewkie
    Everything but the cups are exactly the same right?  Is there any way to get the mahogany/PH cups without buying the headphones themselves?  I know the lawton and emu teak cups fit on the X00s, but lawtons cost an arm and a leg, and I have no idea where to get the teak cups from.  Later down the line I may try to make my own, but for now if there's a way to get any other cups under like $100-150-ish max, i'd love to know.
    From what I've read so far I'm just gonna go with whatever goes on massdrop first.  (hopefully that's pretty soon, if not i'll just buy used)
  13. TWerk
    Selling my PH's! Any takers? [​IMG]
  14. vcmusik
    I've seen from Chan at E-MU say in the Massdrop discussion that the Teaks aren't for sale separately, you'd have to buy the full Teak version of the headphones, and the other cups are apparently also only available to people who purchased the Teak. 
  15. Gavin C4
    I personally like the ebony black look more than the PH or the original X00. But three variant should sound similar. You may want to refer to innerfidelity's video on the different cups
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