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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. AT Khan

    Thanks mate.
  2. Jozurr
    I for one dont like how the TH900 sounds. Gets tiring really fast, whereas I can listen to the TH-X00 for long. So what is the upgrade path if you really like the TH-X00 and dont like the TH-900?
  3. AT Khan
    Ether C?
  4. Jozurr

    It has zero bass. I dont know how anyone can like that headphone.
  5. AT Khan

    If you're being honest, than you just saved me a lot of (future) dollars. Thank you, for your honesty. [I've never heard the Ethers... only droolled over em].
    Now YOU tell me if there even is an upgrade path, and for much later. Guess I'm doing just fine treating my EMUs as my current end-game. If Ether sucks, then I myself don't know where to go from here. Well, serves me just fine.
    WayTooCrazy likes this.
  6. Jozurr
    Me and my friends have heard them and really cant imagine how anyone who likes decent bass can like them. They're nowhere close what the TH-X00 offers when it comes to bass. I've been reading good things about the E-MU and Ill be in for the next drop with the removable cables, whenever that happens. 
    Currently Im not sure what the upgrade path is. Even though I own the HE-6, Code-X, Enigmas, Omni etc, I still crave to listen to the TH-X00 a lot. They're just so much fun to listen to, I dont feel like I have to concentrate on the mids, bass, treble separately and just get lost in the music. 
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  7. AT Khan

  8. Pahani
    Smart man, waiting for the removable cable version of the E-MU's :)
    I haven't heard any Audeze personally, but that's where I'd probably start auditioning, looking for an X00 upgrade.
    I know I probably sound like a broken record......but the bass on my baby Stax is closer to X00 (volume wise) than I expected. OTOH, mids and highs on X00 are also closer in overall quality to my Stax than I expected. Still a fair bit better on the Stax, but I expected it to be MILES better.
    I don't do EQ'ing, but might in the future. I think I remember (others saying) that both X00 and my baby Stax respond well to EQ. With a small +2 to +3  bump in the bass, my 2170 would be roughly comparable to X00 volume, to my ears......with near or at TOTL quality throughout.
  9. AT Khan

    Wow... X00s are that comparable to STAX? Despite so much difference in price, mechanism and tech?
  10. fjrabon

    baby stax aren't *that* expensive, and the THX00/EMU/DX000 doesn't come close to a SR007/SR009.  SR2170 + amp is usually around $1200-1500 new.
  11. ProfFalkin
    Yeah, but... someone might see you wear them.  [​IMG]
  12. ProfFalkin
    Super late reply, I know...   But, on the Emu Teaks the Omni Pads are quite good too.   The treble is a little more pronounced, but not in a bad way.  I'm very pleased with them.   Looks like these pads are pretty good for these Fostex variants.
  13. ProfFalkin
    Possibly the upcoming ZMF Eikon or Atticus?   I'll be at RMAF and hope to hear them.   I have Vibro II, and if he tunes these 2 anything like that, I bet they'll be great.
  14. Jozurr

    If the bass on them is better than the Omni maybe. What I really like is the fact that I can "feel" bass on the TH-X00.
  15. Gavin C4
    Is it necessary to get the E-mu teak if you already got the TH-X00? Is it that much of an upgrade? I would stick to the X00 and give it more listening hours instead of getting another baby.
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