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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. AT Khan

    Actually I was thinking, bud... and I just realized something.
    The inner plastic rings I think may have no affect on acoustics. I think they are to keep the pads firm. Is it me or did anyone else feel the EMU and probably the X00 pads are very firm, (I mean, it's not a good example, but probably like female chest implants). They're like very firm and stay in shape and like stay fresh, rather than being limpy or floppy, which pads become sometimes due to continuous pressing against the ears and then back to normal. They become kind of sloppy.
    I think that is where the inner ring helps. I think if any aftermarket pads can stay firm, we may not need the inner rings. Cuz otherwise, the inner rings are glued in that way, and the pad-skin is tightened well to keep em firm for much longer. This is what we may have to do to keep our other pads firm if they ain't otherwise.
    I actually liked the 0.08 black sheet. And black would look better. Stock white looks quite out of place to me, good that it stays hidden.
  2. betula
    Is it just me, or someone else also has the impression, that this review was not much fun for Tyll. Elevated bass and treble family of headphones is just not his thing.
  3. DavidA
    Its not a sound signature that he cares for
  4. Jozurr
    An important thing is pairing with the TH-X00. I use some bass heavy tubes (KenRad VT231 Black Glass) on my Liquid Glass amp and I do not hear any splashy treble at all. I actually find the treble refreshing and I generally hate harsh/sibilant treble. With some other brighter tubes, I find them a bit fatiguing sometimes yes. 
  5. fjrabon

    If you hated the original Denon, why in the world did you buy the more or less same exact design?!
  6. fjrabon

    eh, I have spoken to him personally, and this family is one of his favorite closed headphone families.  The D2000 and D5000 were only retired from the wall of fame because they were discontinued.  And the original CAL!, which is the same family and a similar sound are still on the wall of fame after over a decade.  
    He has some criticisms, but he definitely views them as great for mid-price closed headphones.  He views the EMU Teak as a contender for best closed headphone, depending on what your preferences are.  They'll be on the wall of fame.
  7. m8o

    While that's true, I own brighter.

    As one in the 2nd half of his life, and spent a good many years of his mid to late teens with his head feet from Marshall stacks or PA speakers, and worked in machine manufacturing for many years without ear protection, that brightness is welcome. :wink:
  8. ProfFalkin
    I'm thinking, since you can form these sheets with heat, how hard would it be to make a custom headphone clam-shell case using them?   Get a few sheets, mold them loosely around your headphones, line with foam, rivet on some hinges and a clasp...   It might be something I can do for under $25.   I'm tempted to try, if for no other reason than to do something all crafty like.
    As for the sound of the rings, I guess I can try to remove them from the earpads and test how it sounds.   I just don't want to mess the pads up.
  9. AT Khan

    Hahah... yeah that too. But honestly, going through all that trouble, I'd actually recommend these instead:
    I have the first one and I confirm that the Denon/Fostex/EMU family fits in there easy. I actually really find the the MrSpeakers carry case lovely myself though, and have it on my list. Can't have those bada$$ cans. May as well get their case :p
    It's Made in USA anyhow (if they ain't lyin): https://mrspeakers.com/shop/3-accessories/headphone-case/
    ProfFalkin likes this.
  10. Uyama Hiroto
    Does anyone have this headphones stand? Which one do you think would fit the most with the X00s(mahogany)?
    Mahogany? I can't decide.
  11. Kelvin Lee
    Joining the club for X00 PH hehe
  12. AT Khan

    Congrats. If I didn't go Ebony EMU, I was going all in for the PH x00s. Great buy. BTW, that PH is just one damn FEMME FATALE of woods man. I'm kind of jealous.
  13. AT Khan
    Just check this before you bite any bullets. There may be something you may like here http://www.gearbest.com/headphone-stand-_gear/
    The second-last one (red) looks fine for mahogany though, if u must.
  14. Gavin C4
    Lol someone will have to test if the inner plastic rings would have an effect. All I can tell is that the stock pads does make music sound more focused. Not sure if it is due to the smaller area for the ear or the inner plastic ring or both. 
    Stock pads also gives more punchy bass compared to velour earpads
  15. innaterebel

    Partially done already. The inner plastic ring plate had been brought up a handful of times, but everybody (not literally) seemed to have confused it with the mounting ring.
    It had been confirmed in the early days of this thread by the man behind TH-X00s himself, @WillBright at Massdrop, that the inner ring is indeed a part of the tuning.
    A Head-Fier here who has been doing various extensive modding experiments on these headphones also concluded that the inner ring is one reason making the stock pads sound like no others.
    That said, now we are going to have the Dekoni pads whose only differences between the stock pads is material and the (seemingly) lack of the inner ring, maybe we can do one final mythbuster soon.

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