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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. AT Khan
    Yeah. Well I've arrived at this conclusion:

    Since the inner rings has nothing but frame behind them, i dont think they are not directly affecting the sound. But I will say this: the inner rings aim to make sure the pads remain sturdy, stiff (not at all in a bad way) and kind of firm. Id like to add the words FRESH and PUMPED yet still soft and comfy. Pads normally change shape and compress to adjust to the clamp, much like using the cushioning. These always stay in shape much like a sports bra (hehehe). Like tight and stiff kind of (still with comfort), if ur getting my drift. Thus, sound travels straight, directed and focused and delivered the same way every time. The pads wont press in or behave differently on different heads or behave differently at different times and dont press or come back out or stuff. They stay stiff and sound stays consistent every time. I think that is all the rings do, but does indeed make sense in the longer and continuous run. I think that's why the sound actually changed for me when i tried angled brainwavz sheepskin pads and it may happen with almost any other pd since the stock pads are completly filled with foam and plastic sheet really pulls everything tight and then its glued to stay firm and stiff.

    This sturdiness of pads may also add some optimization to other stuff. For example i did get that sturdiness to an extent on the brainwavz hybrid pads for my JvC ha sz1000.

    My two cents.
  2. eobet
    Because the TH-900 sounds absolutely nothing like the original Denon, and I was hoping that the X00 was closer to the 900 than the Denon. Oh, well. We'll see November 24 (yes, the Purpleheart quality issues caused an Ebony delay).
  3. Gavin C4
    I actually really like the stealth black Ebony variant of the THX00. I wish Massdrop released them earlier when I purchased the second batch X00.
  4. loveha
    I hope the purple heart issues don't stop Fostex from doing another drop of them. Really want a pair, in purple heart, but I didn't have the cash at the time to get them from the last drop.
  5. Gavin C4
    Once Massdrop and Fostex solved the problem of quality control, they will be back on Massdrop again. Dont worry
  6. m8o

    Given his published EQ curves for many other headphones, I'd be mistaken into thinking it is.
  7. fjrabon

    people have done this test, and the plastic rings do have an impact on the sound.  I don't really feel like searching for it through 590 pages of this thread (plus the other THX00 thread as well). But basically the plastic rings keep the treble from "leaking" into the bottom of the pads and becoming a VERY dark sounding headphone.  
  8. fjrabon

    the whole purpose of the THX00 project was to sound more like the original Denon than the TH600 and TH900.  Like that was literally the original idea for it, to bring back the D5000 at a more affordable price.  
  9. chenjy9
    I think you might be confusing something here. @fjrabon already addressed it, but the Fostex TH-X00 exists, because very few people actually like the Fostex TH-600 and TH-900 sound. IMO, those 2 headphones sound horrible. The TH-X00 exists, because people wanted them to bring back the Denon DxK sound at an affordable price point.
  10. innaterebel

    As that was stated first line on the drop page of Purpleheart and Ebony... Yeah I was going to question you the same.
    Although it is said the E-MU Teaks turned out to be more successful on that regard. (but Tyll's review sounds like that Teaks are nothing like D5000s...?)
  11. fjrabon

    yep, the very first line of the drop is:
    "Last year, in response to the Audiophile Community’s call for a D5000 successor at a comparable price, we teamed up with Fostex to create the TH-X00 headphones"
  12. AT Khan
    Guys, I just had a cup-less drive of my cans. And damn, am I impressed.
    Bass is often compromised with no cups. Bass, you ask? Damn, it's all the same. Still tight, and they will shake your ears just the same. Neutrality is added, and I had some improvement in soundstage too. Damn, these 50mm bio-cellos are the sh!t man.
    At this point, I will declare, cups or no cups just have 5% difference in sound. I'm gonna say for me, it's just a cosmetic thing and protects the drivers. I would even have just a mesh over the drivers instead of cups and still be happy all the same.
    Do have a go and tell me what you guys find. Let's have a cup-less go!!!!! It might just change ur opinion!
  13. Groot Geluid

    What I find disappointing is that for my taste they went too far with making the hole in the pad smaller. The round open pads of the TH-900 and TH-600 (originals) are giving a very clean, trebly sound, that I still like specially after some Lawton treatment. But the TH-X00 Mahogany with the pad with the small hole (much smaller hole than the original Denon 5000 and 7000 pads) gives for me a mid frequency colouration that I really do not like. I have played with several pads, and I would like to be able to find the original pads for the Denons to buy them as new replacements. Also in Europe I cannot find a shop to buy extra Pomplates to make it more quick to change pads. Anybody?
  14. fjrabon

    have you tried the lawton pads?  They're about halfway between the THX00 and TH900 pads.
  15. Gavin C4
    @AT Khan wow that heavy moding on the headphone. Really nice. 
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