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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. JBal4
    the pads seem to soften up really quick. First few hours they were unbearable, they were stiff almost like they were over stuffed. After about 15 - 20hrs of headtime they softened up and better contoured my head. The rear part of the pad was really rounded at first now they are almost flat. The cavity still seems a bit tight for overear but they dont cause as much discomfort as other cans with this issue.
  2. -19db
    You're right about the pads.  The ones on my new PH's are much firmer than the pads on my well used 2nd drop Mahogany's.  Guess both the Fostex drivers and ear pads have a break in time.
  3. TsKen
    Just received my PH! Here are the pics
    I don't see the blemishes/bubbles that everyone is talking about
    Did I get lucky or am i blind?
    Also they are so uncomfortable they are killing my head 30minutes in
  4. PopZeus
    Yeah, I'm not gonna lie... I love the sound objectively but I must be very treble-sensitive because the PH sound does start to wear on my ears after awhile. I could totally do with a lot less of that 10kHz peak even if it meant sacrificing some of that top-end extension. I'll probably sell them off right before the Ebony comes out, in a last-ditch attempt to find something hi-fi that I can love unconditionally. That being the smoothest of all the TH-X00s...
  5. Pablosammy
    Well, my purplehearts have landed in the UK and cleared customs and will be on my doorstep in a few days. This is a bit of a shameless plug, really, because I'm looking to offload them due to personal circumstances (expensive new house, dammit!)... if anyone in the UK wants them at cost, they're on the classifieds.
  6. SundayDriver
    I received number 204 today. Despite it's lengthy journey through the inane DHL system, the box was in surprisingly good shape. When held up to the light, both ear cups are littered with bubble wrap markings. I don't consider that to be a big deal and at some point I'll polish it off. There's no denying the thin lacquer layer leaves something to be desired, but the purple heart wood itself is gorgeous and for the most part free of any imperfections.
    The only closed cans I have to compare to these to are the Denon D600, but my immediate impression is that the X00s are superior in all areas of the spectrum with tighter and less bloated bass, substantially more presence, and genuine treble extension. I am powering them with an Aune X1S which provides more than adequate power to drive them to ear damaging levels. The strangest part of the X00s is the sound stage. My prior experience with most full size HPs is that they try to sound as open and wide as possible. These seem to be almost trying for the exact opposite. The stereo imagery is all there but the sound is very close and I will admit that is taking some time to get used to. After that hurdle, I could see these easily becoming one of my favorite HPs.
    One added bonus- I wore them for over an hour straight and didn't sense any headband discomfort.
  7. sveinn
    Can't stop listening to this artist with the PH, that bass gives me goosebumps
    Can anyone here recommend anything similar? 
  8. Shogster
    Look up Matt Lange.His Patchwork EP and Ephemera Album are amazing.Can't wait to give them a listen on the PH.
    This one particularly is..

  9. mannerfelt
    I received my #0026 PH on Tuesday. Been listening in 30 min to 1h batches (usually the longest I can listed to headphones at work) for the last two days and I'm really enjoying these. I usually prefer a wide soundstage and these definitely have a closed so it took a couple of songs to get used to... but now I'm a huge fan! The pads feels great, the headband is soft and comfy. Absolutely perfect!
  10. The Third
    Another stress related question but how easily are these hybrid bio cellulose drivers dented? I have had drivers that got dents due to hairs poking them.
  11. Eudis

    You mean the diaphragm? Its durable. You will be fine.
  12. Pahani
    Yeah, X00 is rated to handle a remarkable amount of power. To me at least, that suggests some ruggedness.
  13. Billheiser
    This suggests one possible scenario:  you loaned headphones to a friend.  Friend broke them (dropped, poked, sat on them, whatever).  Gave them back to you, said "my hairs dented the drivers, sorry!"
    I don't see a way that any diaphragm of any type would be damaged by a poke from human hair.
  14. BB 808
    You got porcupine hair?
  15. WilliamLeonhart
    The excessive amount of pleather on this Fostex makes me worry that someday it will flake... But I love the sound so much I'm really hoping to find a pair of TH600 or TH900 somewhere to audition. And the D7000 too.
    And I'm in Singapore. Hopefully there's a chance I can get EMU to give me a free audition.
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