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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. sveinn
    I found them uncomfortable at first, could wear them for about an hour, but after giving them a good burn-in and playing with the angle of the pads, the fatigue factor is gone — these are quite heavy IMO, and the pads are semi-on-ear in my experience but I found an angle that works for me. I align them straight to the joints, maybe give that a try and adjust from there?
  2. WayTooCrazy
    Agreed. Moving the angle they it on the head, adjusting the pads, etc. I had them get very "hot" on my ears as well. I eventually got to the point where I can sustain 3-4 hours before needed to adjust or take them off. I'll eventually try new pads.
  3. Shogster
    Managed to finally release mine from customs.Dealing with them is a pain in the ass indeed.Im happy to report that i don't see any bubble marks,scuffs,scratches or anything on the cups.They really look amazing in person.Guess i got lucky this time.Comfort is good.I just wish the clamping force was a bit stronger,since they sit a bit loosely on my head.Pads are soft and my ears fit just right.Since i wear glasses i have to play around a bit to get them just right.Overall i am just glad i didn't get any marks,scrathces and stuff.Can't comment on sound yet,since im waiting for my Magni 2U.
    I would love if someone can share their impressions of how they sound with the Magni 2.I was going to op for the Corda Jazz,but budget doesn't allow it,and i don't plan on waiting whole month to get an amp.
  4. betula
    Initially I also had quite a bit of an ear fatigue of my Mahoganies. (First 3-4 weeks.) I found the treble a bit strident. But I liked the bass and the overall refined sound so much, I just didn't want to give up on them. I slightly decreased my average listening volume, and gave the X00s a couple of hundred hrs burn in time. Also time for my ears to adjust to the new sound signature.
    I honestly had doubts, if it will work out, but have to say, after 3-4 weeks the fatigue and the strident highs (talking about Mahogany) are completely gone. No signs of them at all. So, I would suggest to take your time with this decision.
    I think, he is talking about listening fatigue. Not comfort issues.
  5. Eudis
    Fatigue comes from the sonic performance of the Fostex biodyna drivers. They all perform similarly in the highs with large dips that give highs a percieved sharpeness.

    Emu teaks have it, thx00 have it, TH900 have it, denon have it. Some are more prominent aka th900, d2k and mahogany thx00. The solution requires driver modification and tuning. Its undoable too.
  6. betula

    Could you elaborate a bit on the 'sonic performance' that is causing this issue?
    Also, I'd assume Mahogany and PH are more similar than d2k and TH900. So how come, PH does not have this issue, but all the others of this branch do?
  7. Eudis

    They all do. Fostex biocelulose drivers tend to have a large dip around 8khz-9khz that quickly rises at 10khz which can cause sharpness, as well for some parts of the highs.

    Its not an issue, its a design choice. Its how the biocelulose drivers perform.

    The cups affect back wave through dampening, reflection, and air restriction which affects the lows, lowermids, 1khz-2khz, resonance and somewhat upper mids and highs but not as extreme as the rest of the design.

    Just check out the thx00 vs my mods.

    Theres a lot more to what affects the sound in the design too, especially uppermids and highs, not just the cupsm ultimately is due to the driver and pads. While the changes in the cups can be noticable, Massdrop could have just modified the drivers and clean it up rather than try cupsm results would have been better.

  8. betula
    Thanks, that is really helpful, and I do not doubt a single word you say.

    But how you explain my experience then, that the initial fatigue has basically gone by a few weeks of listening time?
  9. sveinn
    I'm totally speculating (maybe I was just getting used to the sound) but I felt like the sound got smoother with more burn-in, which I mentioned. The pads bugged me more at first though, so I touched on that as well :)
  10. betula

    I share your experience, that the sound got smoother by time. Comfort has also improved to a pleasant level (memory foam pads adjusting to the shape of my skull I guess), however I find HD600 for example even more comfortable.
  11. Eudis

    The same experience I had with the EMU Teak. Mental burnin. When I first got my Teaks and THX00 I noticed the sharpness whereas much later on I didn't notice it as much. It seemingly died down. However my measurements stayed the same. I simply got used to them.

    When a friend lends me their PH and ebony much later on Ill have measurements for yall.
  12. jamor
    The PH has the highest highs.  It's the most V-shaped of all 3.   They were talking about a small treble region (around 8-9k) that were supposed to be tamer. 
  13. betula

    That is interesting, can't wait for your measurements.

    However I do have some further questions.
    I fully admit, the combined effect of burn-in and individual 'ear-adjustment' together can alter the perceived sound by a big margin.
    But, if one initially experiences pain due to ear fatigue, than how pain can go? Less likely it is the adjusting of the ear, more likely it is the burn in of the drivers.
    I am personally not a big believer of gear burn-in, that is why I am kind of puzzled regarding this issue.
  14. Eudis

    I think my ears also just adjusted to the sound. The THx00 was particularly SHARP while the Teaks has moments of sharpness. Eventually I no longer had pain from either, but I could pinpoint the elevated treble on both, moreso on the thx00.
    betula likes this.
  15. Pahani
    I just FINALLY received my Purplehearts!! The finish on mine isn't perfect (#00179), I do have some bubble wrap marks.....but you know what? It's so light, I have little doubt I can "buff it out" with auto polish, as another poster here did.
    I'm 5 minutes into my burn-in as I type this *laugh*, and so far I'd say there are no surprises. They perform pretty much as I'd hoped, based on others' impressions.
    They will be an EXCELLENT compliment to my Stax :)
    Unlike the Stax, PH is simply beautiful :) Color and grain is excellent, and there's a "shimmer" when viewed at an angle, I always love to see that in wood. My desk has it, my Senn-Grados have it, now PH has it.
    Already quite enjoyable, and I know they'll get better over time. The highs ARE a touch overpowering when listening above my normal level (Magni 2U @ 50% on Low gain is well above my normal level).
    The Stax are overall more proficient at this point, but I'm not surprised by that. And again, the PH's improve with burn-in. So did the Stax, for that matter. My pair will receive the time and love they deserve :)
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