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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. bartlett
    Hmm so it seems like you think the MT220s are about on par with the X00s, at least in terms of value. I somewhat agree. I think the X00s are better in resolution, bass decay, bass impact, and soundstage, and they seem more natural sounding (less metallic). 
    I wish the X00s were a little more forward in presentation. These remarks are based on an unamped un-EQ'd comparison.
  2. EinZweiDrei
    from running through this thread, it seems like a number of you experience changes in sound after burning in the thx00s. do you guys leave music playing 24/7 or just leave music on through out the day?
  3. soundfanz

    My pair have sat in Frankfurt Germany since the 15th. Finally got a reply today from DHL to expect them to reach me by the 30th. I live in Australia
  4. sveinn
    I found a recommendation on this forum, using pink noise on slightly-higher-than-listening volume.
    Just left mine in a drawer at work overnight (with the noise on repeat) for the first few days.
    Maybe my ears were getting used to the sound, but I felt like every morning they opened up and got more detail.
  5. andyDiamond
    Well, my mahoganies now look like this:
    I've taken the imperfect lacquer off (sanding with 180-240-320-600-1000 sandpaper)
    And now the cups will be treated with proper wax and oil to become even better
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  6. WayTooCrazy
    Can't wait to see the end result. If I do something similar, I might just put a custom logo on the cups. Make them a Denon, or Marantz branded headphone. lol.
  7. sveinn
    Are you using any special tools for this? Would love if you could post more photos of the process!
  8. andyDiamond
    No special tools needed - just a screwdriver to take the cups off, 5 sheets of sandpaper to take the lacquer off, and 1-2 hours of your time per one cup
    The lacquer on Mahoganies was quite thin, so I managed to take it all off in 3 hours.
    I will post more photos of waxing and oiling when I have some more time for these activities
  9. ATau
    Nice! I'll be very interested to see how this turns out
    My PH's look like this for now:
    However the varnish isn't quite as perfect as it looks in the picture. I'm not really satisfied with it. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist.
    I'll leave it like this for the while, but I might end up doing the same as you did.
  10. MWSVette
    They look good in the picture...
  11. Vigrith
    Not gonna lie, they look amazing in that picture at least. Then again, purple is my favourite colour and purpleheart is my favourite wood finish so I might be slightly biased.
  12. DeadWaves
    Damn it, mine have the bubble wrap marks. Quite a lot too on 1 cup. Anyone know how the replacement cups would work internationally, would they be free to send back? and I am guessing MORE customs charges when the new cups are sent in. Already paid £75 customs, I honestly don't know what to do now.
  13. chry5alis

    You wont be charged customs fees for replacement parts. Theres a seperate category on the import forms
  14. lugnut
    I used Radio Paradise (internet radio) . Set volume a little louder than I would listen to. Put them in a box with a lid,let them play for about a week !
  15. DeadWaves
    Ah nice, I will be more likely to ask for replacements then. Is sending back free too do you know? I've never taken cups off of headphones before, but I heard it's not too hard on these.
    Here are the marks on mine. It's very hard to photograph clearly and they are pretty much all over the flat circle part of the cup, but the pic only captures a small portion of it.
    Love the sound though, they are fantastic. I like the bass better on these compared to the Mahogs, but it might mellow a tiny bit with burn in like they did on the X00's so interesting to see how different it is after that.
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