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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. deafanddumb
    I'm just going these are the headphones I always wished the Audeze LCD XC's would be....they were far too forward in the upper mids. My TH900 are awesome, so I'm going these are different enough to warrant keeping....
  2. shuto77
    Can anyone compare these SQ- and sound sig-wise to the Fidelio X2s?

    Also, has anyone gamed on them yet?
  3. fjrabon

    The HE400i is definitely more transparent and neutral.  I think they're nearly equally fun.  The speed, planar bass and transparency on the HE400i can be addicting.  The HE400i is a better technical headphone while managing to also be very musical.  The THX00 sold out for pure enjoyment.  It's a joy without really fussing over technical issues, without being overtly bad on technical aspects either.  People who want clincality at all costs won't particularly enjoy the THX00, but they probably didn't buy it in the first place either.  People who are looking for a great bass headphone, that's a lot of fun, without MAJORLY compromising in other areas will love it.
    HE400i (1-10 scale)
    Transparency 9/10
    Speed 8/10
    Bass quality 9/10
    bass impact 7/10
    soundstage 7/10
    imaging accuracy 10/10
    midrange quality 8/10
    treble quality 7/10
    smoothness 8/10
    linearity 8/10
    fun factor 9/10
    comfort 10/10
    looks 6/10
    Total: 105/130
    transparency 6/10
    speed 6/10
    bass quality 7/10
    bass impact 10/10
    soundstage 5/10
    imaging accuracy 6/10
    midrange quality 6/10
    treble quality 6/10
    smoothness 9/10
    linearity 5/10
    fun factor 10/10
    comfort 9/10
    looks 8/10
    Total: 93/130
    edit: keep in mind I'm only at 3 hours of burn in at this point (which have all ben "on head" burn in)
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  4. Stephan
    You already gave a point score to it? Mine have about 12 hours on them and are improving noticeably in bass quality and imaging.
  5. Magick Man

    Not taking pads into account, same.
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  6. sheldaze
    @Kwangsun said something about a case for D7000, but then did not expand any further [​IMG]
    I am assuming the same case would work for both.
  7. fjrabon

    yeah, I mean it was just kind of an early impressions thing, not something I'd ever put in any type of formal review.  I'm very impressed that they scored that well this early.  I do expect that the imaging will improve over the next several days.  
  8. Magick Man

    Where can I buy those?
  9. MilhouseV
    I'm using a big Slappa case ​(SL-HP-07), seems to fit well.
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  10. Magick Man
    My cups:

  11. Billheiser

    Dang.  She wasn't talking about the headphones, man.
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  12. Whitigir

    Looking at your x-00 rating, you are right on in agreement with others. X00 is a steal for it price and performance, but by all means if you can afford 900, go for it. The flagship of fostex :wink:
  13. CCXR594
    Really nice golden color. Hope mine look like that
  14. fjrabon

    I'll be doing a head to head comparison with the TH900 with another local head-fier sometime this weekend (or maybe tomorrow depending on our schedules).  I'll definitely post my thoughts.  
  15. fjrabon

    yeah, I'm really curious if the coloring varies as much as the pictures seem to indicate.  Or if it's just different cameras/lighting conditions.  Some have looked blonde, some brown, some red.  
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