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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. deafanddumb
    These phones actually leak from the cup slot, not the pads....I find the TH900 acceptable in work environments....do you should be ok :)
  2. Trojita
    I went to order some Alpha Pads
    Out of Stock, orders will be accepted but may not ship before by Jan 7, 2016.
  3. Stephan
    I find the stock pads comfortable and not really hot, and I have a big sweaty had that usually heats up other cans easily.
  4. fjrabon

    yeah, I agree, I was expecting the worse, but I find them very comfortable so far.  Not as comfortable as the HE400i, but very comfortable.
  5. Kozic
    Anyone try the ZMF lamdskin pads they should fit and are $10 less than the alphas.

    Edit, and the Brainwavz are on sale $18.50 w/free shipping @ MP4.
  6. JamieCole
    @moedawg140 and/or @fjrabon do either of you have any experience with the iFi Micro iCan? If so, thoughts on pairing with the X00's? I really like the idea of having a decent analog bass boost implementation, but I want a better desktop solution to the C5D (which I own) or the FiiO products. Output impedance on the iCan is about 0.50 ohms. Not bad but not the ridiculously low output of the m9xx at 0.08 ohms. That's unbelievable...
    Anyone else have experience with the iCan?
    Many thanks! 
  7. best7

    Thank you for the impressions. I rarely post here since I don't have much experience with different gear but the hype about these cans got even to me. I currently own a HE-400 and I really love the bass on them. But the midrange dip and the sometimes piercing treble bothers me when listening to certain genres like acoustic jazz and classic rock. You might say I am looking for a more balanced mid/treble structure while keeping the beautifully textured bass of (at least to me) HE-400. Do you think th-x00 would fit the bill or would it be overkill to have both HE-400 and th-x00.
    I am using a magni 2 to drive the HE-400. I understand that it would work pretty good with th-x00 too.
  8. fjrabon

    I like this a lot more than the HE400, as I remembered it.  I think there would be a lot of overlap between those two.
  9. JamieCole
    Thanks for typing up this impression! I enjoyed reading it. The pictures look good too. [​IMG] 
    Also, I'm digging how different the wood grain can be from can to can. Can't wait to receive mine! Soon, yes soon. 
  10. fjrabon
    A few pics:
    Aplle likes this.
  11. JamieCole
    Oh wow, I really like the look of that grain. Thanks for showing off how polished these cups are. 
  12. Whitigir

    Your pair is the most beautiful I have seen yet sir ! Btw, anyone know where I can buy these foams that used around the drivers from ? I tried Amazon and it is open-cell inside, but closed-cell from outside ...not working
  13. fjrabon
    Thanks for the compliments guys, I was very happy when I opened the box and saw what I got in the grain/coloration lottery.  I think mine may be darker than most, but it's hard to tell from pictures, as you never know what settings the other person's camera was on.  Playing Outkast - Stankonia on these right now, and oh my god.  Don't think these will supplant the HE400i As my go-to can, but they sure do make quite the complimentary pair.  
  14. Whitigir

    What's your series number. That matter the most :D
  15. ezekiel77
    Would you say, soundwise, the HE400i is more reference, the THX00 more fun?
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