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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. bavinck
    Thanks for the impressions, very helpful. I also am a BIG fan of how the he400i handles treble so that is really good to read!
  2. fjrabon

    ha, I got as boring as possible, probably: 1804.  Definitely will trade getting lucky on the grain and cup color for a boring serial number.
  3. best7
    I quess I can sell the HE-400 when th-x00 becomes available again. How do you think th-x00 handles complex stuff like King Crimson in terms of instrument separation?
  4. bavinck
    Oh man I hope so, love me some King Crimson. Just got their huge box set (can't remember what it is called), just awesome....,
  5. Whitigir

    True enough, your grains is unique and most beautiful I didn't think it was just simply and cheaply made :D certainly not 400$. I will go to homedepot today and try to find some cheap foam sheets I guess.
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal-loudness_contour this is a pretty accurate at lower volumes the bass an highs stand out more, as your increase the Dbs the mids come forward a little an you get an overall balanced sound, an inverse example of this is my W1000X VERY forward but gorgeous mids, the louder it get's the "shoutier" those mids sound compared to everything else 
    I know already that the TH X00 is a step above the Mad Dog, I had that headphone an it was very dark an a tad sluggish in the bass imo, nicely seperated how ever 
    An yes the Alpha Pads do add a touch of energy to the top end, but really tighten everything else an do the sound stage a great deal of improvement with regards to length, width an seperation 
    Yea I'm jelly, you've got a really gorgeous contrast in the grain, what's your model number? 
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    bwah, very nice good to see there's no correlation between serial an grain patterns, I've seen some on the double digit grain headphones an they are also gorgeous, 
  8. fjrabon

    it doesn't image as well as the HE400i does.  But it's pretty good.  I'd say imaging it's probably it's weakness so far.  However, that's the thing I'd guess benefits most from burn-in.  TesseracT - Altered State sounds a bit congested.  Imaging is also an area where the lower impedance amps really pull away from the higher impedance amps and tube amps on these as well.  With the Grace, it's very good.  With the Vali it's borderline bad.
    I'd say while this is an easy to drive can, it is very picky with how it plays with amps.  I hope nobody buys an expensive Darkvoice to paair with it, thinking "this will really take the bass to the next level!"
  9. best7

    You mean the Thrak box set? It takes like six months to properly go through one of those sets. I hope th-x00 can handle it. I am a little hesitant since some users here talk about woolliness.
  10. best7

    Thank you for your help. Ill have to wait till the next drop anyway.
  11. fjrabon

    yeah, there is certainly a bit of wooliness, espeically with tubes.  But wooliness is the one thing I've seen improve in headphones with burn-in, especially this driver design.  My old D7000 was more wooly than this when I first got it (auditory memory caveat) but cleaned up a pretty good amount over the course of a couple of months.  
  12. shuto77

    My wife said th ear cups looked like coconuts when I considered grabbing them, which she didn't intend as a compliment, so YMMV.
  13. bavinck
    That's it! Sounds sublime on my Gustard Stack and HE400i. 
  14. jamor
    You should have started singing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts." 
    shuto77 likes this.
  15. sahmen
    Any suggestions of a good case for these?
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