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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. bavinck
    How is isolation with the alpha pads. I would like to use these at my work, but I cannot have more than an average amount of leakage for a closed can.
  2. bavinck
    How to the x00 handle the bass rifts on track 4 of modern cool? That is some of the best acoustic bass I have heard recorded.
  3. akatyay
    Isolation is way better with the Alpha pads.  With the stock pads, I would not recommend taking these to work unless you have ~15 feet distance from your neighbors (or an office).  With the Alpha pads, you'll look a bit more ridiculous but then it's reasonable leakage for public environments.  
  4. cocolinho
    I see. Makes sense. Thanks again!
  5. bavinck
    How would the alpha pads hold up in a library environment?
    Looks like the alpha pads are sold out right now, so I will have to wait until the new year. Unless someone here has an extra pair???
  6. akatyay
    Library would probably be okay if you have a desk to yourself and are listening at reasonable volumes.  It's hard for me to really say as I'm mainly guess-timating the isolation, I need to grab my little brother and see how much sound leaks when he listens to these.
  7. fjrabon
    Been listening for about two hours now, some early thoughts:
    1) This thing definitely needs a low impedance amp to push out some current to tighten the bass up.  As somebody earlier noted, a good IEM amp can serve them really well.  I think you're probably short changing these if you're sending them anything more than 1 Ohm.  With my Millett SSMH and AudioEngine D1, the bass is out of control.  It seems fun at times, but it's messy.  The Lyr on high gain is a recipe for bloated bass.  Feed it through a Magni, O2 or Grace M9XX and the bass *really* tightens up.  The Vali isn't bad with it per se, but doesn't do any favors at all either.I sort of expected this, from my experience with the D7000
    2) two songs to listen to: Fiona Apple - Sleep To Dream and Muse - Super Massive Black Hole.  This is certainly a gentleman's basshead can when amped properly.  
    3) There are times when I just have auditory flashbacks to the D7000 and there are times when I think "man, this is maybe better!"  That's all I ever wanted out of it.  
    4) My cups are gorgeous, I'll put up some pictures shortly.
    5) At some point I'm definitely going to have this recabled.  As my new work can, I don't need 10 ft and I'd prefer a 3.5mm termination. It's not so much that I mind the cable, it just doesn't serve my needs as is.  
    6) I like the stock pads.  They're firmer than I was anticipating
    7) Very good soundstage for a closed can.  Not going to compete with the HD650 by any means, let alone a HD800, but it's about as good as you get from a closed can.
    8) It seems to keep sound in better than it keeps sound out.  Which I like.  
    9) The treble is exactly what I'm after.  Kinda reminds me of the treble of the HE400i, which I like.  Forward without ever being sibilant
    10) If there's one fault I'll lay early, I wish it was a tad more linear.  Occasionally when somebody sings and the melody goes from lower treble to midrange, it sounds like they're turning away from the mic.  But at the same time, it's this quality that gives the headphone it's overall fun U shape.
    11) I would call it a U shape frequency response in comparison to what I remember from the few times with the TH600 and TH900, which I'd call a V shape.
    12)  It sounds okay/good out of an iPhone.  You can hear distortion on hard, heavy bass transients.  I actually prefer its sound out of an iPhone to the way it sounds out of the Lyr (with tubes) in high gain and the Vali.  
    13) Ranking the amps I've played it out of from best to worst match so far: 1) Grace M9XX 2) Lyr (solid state, lower power) 3)Magni 4) O2 5) Lyr (low power, tubes) AudioEngine D1 5) IPhone 6) Millett SSHM 7) Lyr (solid state high power) 8) Lyr (high gain, tubes)
    14) Hadn't seen anybody mention this, but if you flip the bag inside out, it serves as a great cleaning cloth, which is really nice.  
    These are ultra-preliminary, but thought I'd just dump my listening notes.
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  8. dxanex
    Can someone post a pic or two of how they look with the Alpha Pads? Sorry if it's been done already, this thread is moving pretty fast, especially with the hour-by-hour shipping updates from people. :p
  9. akatyay
    I'll do so when I get home this evening.  They look pretty nice, kinda like LCD-XCs with the fat Alpha Pads
  10. jamor
    The 59.99 Alpha pads?  They don't look very big on the website.  Are those pictures inaccurate? 
  11. sahmen
    I would call the handling of the bass on "Constantinople" extremely articulate, clean,  deep, not to mention forcefully tactile, and impactful on this rig - somehow, this baby seems to reach deeper than my He-6, He-500, Beyerdymic T1, even though these all have quite excellent bass... It handles all the nimble and subtle riffs of "Constantinople," with a lot of dexterity, not missing a beat. The best part about the X00 is that it can reach that low, and be articulate, without in anyway overwhelming the mids and highs, or even "contaminating" them, if you know what I mean.
  12. jamor
    Sounds like Fiio E10K will work perfectly with these being only a 1 ohm amp.   Maybe I'll hold off on an expensive amp purchase.
  13. akatyay
    They aren't as wide (it takes a bit of work to fit it onto the X00), but they're "fatter" (thicker) than the stock X00 pads.
  14. fjrabon

    You may want a tad more power and/or even lower impedance, to give them their ULTIMATE expression, but yes, I'd guess the E10K will serve them well, certainly better than a tube OTL amp, which they're honestly a mess with.  
  15. moedawg140 Contributor
    If you are able to listen to the TH-X00 with the QP1R, you may be in for a technically fabulous and beautifully sounding treat.
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