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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. oqvist
    It´s good they then realise they are hearing very very first impressions and can easier take them all with a big pinch of salt :)
  2. mirnujAtom
    Have anyone tried them with nuprime uDSD or fiio e12a? :)
  3. Trojita
    Do the alpha pads have a larger ear hole than the stock pad in these?
  4. obsidyen
    I think you can use TH500RP pads.
  5. Exqlusive
    Hmm, do you guys think the Audeze earpads will fit / produce better sound quality compared to the stock earpads / alpha pads?
    Saw a post on reddit of a Denon Dx line headphone and thought it looked gorgeous.
  6. imackler

    Does anyone know if warranty is transferable?
  7. sahmen
    Short and sweet : Unboxed them, and plugged them right into Geekout 1000>Macbook pro w/Amarra in order to listen to some ripped ALAC files, and some Tidal tunes on Amarra for Tidal, and boy do these babies rock, and reach deep on the bass?  They're easily the most "basshead" set of phones in my stable, even though I have other cans that do great bass without being "basshead."  Be that as it may, these also do great in the mids and highs. and it really scares me to think how even nicer they might sound after 150 hours or more of burn-in...  At any rate, these are just quick first impressions, after less than 30 minutes of listening.   Talking about 150 hours of burn-in, I'm really in no hurry to cross that bridge yet since they seem to sound  great already as they are;  I'm just going to chill with these cans, and just enjoy the journey...  and did I mention how great they look, with the mahogany on them and all?
    This sounds to me like one hell of a "home run" for MD/Fostex, and I would like to present them with this special badge of honor:
    PS... Oh, I have to say I have had no issues at all with the earpads, although I know it would be different for others.  For me, it has been "wear 'em and forget 'em" all the way...  the pads fit me fine, and I do not feel my ears getting "hot" or sweaty or whatever...  they just work.
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  8. Capt369
    I've got about 30 hours on mine now and they've tightened up considerably creating better detail and separation. I love 'em. I also have the X2's and the he400s. I really like those cans as well but the th-xoo has taken over 1st place.
    For those that don't care for them at 1st listen, give them 30+ hours at least before you decide to sell.
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  9. dxanex

    That's good to hear. I tried them on the Sonett 2 last night in low impedance mode and it was eye opening. They came alive big time, but man the bass was so boomy it was frankly too much. I ordered a Fiio E11K since it's mainly going to be for work, hopefully it will be a good pairing since the TH-X00 is pretty efficient and don't need gobs of power. Plus the hardware bass boost if I feel like getting nutty.
    Also, after ~1 hour the pads are getting hot as hell now. I may try the Alpha Pad route myself. If anyone has an extra used pair PM me, I'll buy them.
  10. dxanex
    Also, is anyone else finding that these sound really good at a lower volume? Reminds me of the LCD 2 in that respect, able to maintain a full body sound with nice detail at low levels. I listened to the TH-X00 in bed last night straight out of my iPhone 6 at a reasonably low volume and my wife said that it didn't bother her at all.
    My wife also loves the wood.
  11. fjrabon
    Got the notice from ups that they're available for pickup. Got to the center at 8. "Well it's not actually available until 9:30, it's at the warehouse like 500 feet away. Just gonna have breakfast at the waffle house and tell work I'm going to be late. These headphones are going to get me fired, lol.
  12. ibs63
    Yeah I love the wood on my pair. [​IMG]
  13. enianen
    Yes, I agree re: lower volume. That said, they also sound really good at a higher volume, too. [​IMG]
    dxanex likes this.
  14. fjrabon

    Yeah, U-shaped FR curves stand up well at low volumes because our ears can hear midrange at a wider range of volumes and the boosted treble and bass is more audible with a U shape at low volumes.
  15. james6333

    No opposite for me. I felt like I needed to turn them up for the Mids to open up. But the bass is nice at low volume.
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