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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Bombik
    Whats the point doing non burned HP review? I dont know..[​IMG]
  2. fjrabon

    because people are asking, and these are clearly labelled "early impressions, will update as they burn-in."  We all apologize that your free content isn't exactly what you want.
    I mean what in the heck are you expecting?  These were delivered on sunday at the earliest, the only ones that are burned in properly are the review units.  What exactly were you hoping to see on this thread, if not "early impressions pre-full-burn-in"?  
  3. Billheiser
    They are hard to photograph "objectively".  I can make mine look more brown, or more blonde, or more reddish, depending on the light, plus they're nicely glossy, so you have to angle them certain ways for the camera.  And of course wood varies from piece to piece, which is absolutely one of its positive features - every one of these is individual and custom.
  4. gelocks
    Wondering as well
    (plus I don't they they are as big as the Alpha's).
    'cause ***K "burn-in", that's why!!!!! [​IMG]
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  5. fjrabon

    I think that's exactly what it's for.  Or somebody like me who is a "neutral head" but likes a little bass fun from time to time.
    Arctic Monkeys - AM is daggum blissful on these.
  6. heliosphann
    Yea, that's what I intended to convey. I probably should have been more specific.
  7. fjrabon
    also, everybody make sure you play with rotating the pads.  I'm getting pretty noticeable differences in sound and fit from relatively small rotations (5-15 degrees) of the pads on the cups.  I rotated mine back counter-clockwise by about 10 degrees, and the seal on my head was a lot better, with a little better comfort.  
  8. grizzlybeast
    try some ZMF PADS Alpha pads rip anyway after a lot of USE
    If you get the ZMF pads try the Lambskin. The cowhides are great but may add too much bass.
  9. Hansotek
    I'm sure there is some product variation, but I would attribute many of the differences to lighting and cameras. These were all taken with the same camera, in the same location, with the same headphones. The only difference is lighting (And the cup on the first one. You'll have to take my word for it that it is a close match, IRL).
    Left to right - 1. Overhead and a little too much sunlight. 2. Balanced overhead plus diffused sunlight. (Pretty accurate) 3. Uneven direct light. 4. Uneven indirect light. 
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  10. Semuapunmau

    Waiting for my TH-X00...someday it will reach me...eventually... I hope
  11. jamor
    Thanks. What about the JDS O2 ODAC for only $279.  .54 ohms.
  12. fjrabon

    I tried the O2 with them and thought it was a good combo on the low gain setting.  Was my third favorite amp with them of what I've tried (well, not counting the Lyr in low power solid state mode, since that's a specific configuration of an amp and it's completely overkill, since the Magni does just as well for a fraction of the price (on this headphone).  
    The O2 really shapes the bass up nice, but keeps, if not enhances the authority and slam.  Also helps with imaging.
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  13. inseconds99
    Need to find a dac/amp that will tighten up the bass a bit while also offering a bass boost for when I need to get my basshead on. Thinking about purchasing a iFi iDSD micro, anyone have this amp/dac that can test it with the TH-x00's?
  14. Hansotek
    That will work. JDS does a killer job with their Objective products. IMO, O2 is at its best with fun sounding headphones - tightening up the technicalities and letting the headphone really do its thing.
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