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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. bavinck

    Does cryptic pass for cool in these parts?
  2. Mshenay
    Hmm Honestly, I have no intention of Pad Rolling my LA D5k when they get back to me with Lawton Pads, but the Lawton pads have... a more even sound than the Alphas do, the Alpha pads add sound stage an SUB bass, at the cost of the mids. I had the Lawton Pads on my LA D2k an I quite enjoyed them. Given that the TH X00 has a touch more mids than the LA D5k does, I think the cheaper Alphas will be the best Bang for the buck. 
    right, they Alpha Pads do the same thing to the TH X00 they did to my LAD5k as well 
    I'll just come out an say, that I prefer using PeterTek for my recables. He's done 2 of my Modular Mini XLR to 4pin XLR cables an he does an excellent job! 
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  3. moedawg140
    Who knows, the world may never know. 
  4. moedawg140
    I bet he does - his pictures of his mods are legit! [​IMG]
  5. Hansotek
    A few more early impressions...

    Bass performance seems to be a little extra sensitive to the mixing and mastering. Songs with forward bass in the mix and a lower bass frequency focus in the master can turn into absolute slop and even start eating the rest of the track.

    Songs with a higher frequency bass focus tend to sound much faster and more responsive.

    This seems to all be related to stored energy coming from the subbass region. I think it's a combination between the cup and the pads. I swapped on some D2000 pads for a bit and it helped clear a little bloat on problem tracks, but at the cost of bass volume and impact. They also created a touch of unevenness in the treble. Overall, a lateral move, rather than a leap forward.

    I haven't opened the cups yet, but I think placing a series of four 0.125" X 1" strips of Creatology foam in a circle around the inner perimeter of the cup may alleviate the decay issue without eating up too much bass. I used a similar method on the D2000. Just thinking out loud.
  6. thug behram

  7. Mshenay
    Honestly just slap some Alpha Pads on there, I found it to not only increase the db's of the sub bass a touch, but it added a nice sense of texture an a little more speed to the headphone
    the Stock pads on the TH X00 are as bad as the ole Stock pads from the ADH DX000k series 
  8. CCXR594
    I'm not scheduled to get mine until next monday. I'm in MT.
  9. inseconds99

    I just can't get myself to use those pads, they make a beautiful headphone look awkward as hell lolol, looks like I'm going with stock th900 pads or Lawton angled. Unless someone can convince me on a pleather brainwave that are big enough for my ears and won't feel as hot and sweaty as these stock x00 pads do.
  10. sabloke
    Would you guys stop it, please? Here down under we don't even have a date yet!
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  11. Mshenay
    hhh that is true the Lawton Pads look good
    but I've had Alpha's on my Denons So long I kind like the look, infact I REALLY like the look of those pads with the Solid Black metal accents My LA D5k will have the Lawtons 
  12. Change is Good
    I actually like the look of the alpha pads :)
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  13. elvergun

    Ha.  Then I'm next to last, and you'll be the last one.  We will get the latest and greatest, fresh off the assembly line -- the ones that got that super-duper, last minute fix to the bass and the upgraded cable ('cause they ran out of normal, cheap cable they used on the earlier units).   [​IMG]
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  14. thekorsen
    Just received mine. This will be my first true pair of hifi headphones, with CHC Silverados being the only thing I've really heard before this. And while they may not crush vocal driven songs like those did...the bass. Oh baby the bass. Everything sounds so much more open and clear too. There is actual depth to the music now! I haven't even gotten a dac and amp for these yet, but it's hard to imagine how much better it can get! I think this might be the start of a very painful hobby for my wallet...
    Speaking of which, can anyone confirm that the O2 is superior to the Vali on these headphones from first hand use? Want to be sure before potentiality turning down a offer I got for a cheap Vali.
    Also, got 1100 for the serial number, which is cool since 11 is my birthday month. :D
  15. Mshenay
    An right! Honestly, I'm getting my TH X00 recabled, the Extra $100 for some 24AWG OCC an a 4pin XLR are worth it imo 
    Me too ^^
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