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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. elvergun
    I love how they looked, but they increased the bass on my D2000.   I didn't like the result...so I traded them to some dude who gave me his D5000 wood cups in exchange.
  2. fjrabon
    I can tomorrow.
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea, I found them to give me a nice increase in sub bass, an over all speed an texture of the bass. But they are very DARK pads, while I feel the improve bass speed, they do bring that bass a little more forward an pull out some mids
  4. CCXR594
    Trust me, switching to a dedicated amp/DAC setup will really help. I had the same situation going when I first got my Q701's, and just when I was getting bored/used to the sound I got a modi2/magni2 stack, and had the cliche "all your music is new" moment all over again.
  5. paradoxology
    I have a set of angled Hifiman pleather pads on their way in case the stock pads of the TH-X00 aren't comfortable. If those don't work, I'll get a set of Alpha pads from Mr. Speakers. I am fairly confident the stock pads will be fine, though. We'll see on Thursday...
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    ugh I recommend you try something else, I understand that the "stock pads" are improved from the Orignal pair that shipped with the TH #00 headphones, but I still feel that like the old Denon Pads, they are the first bottle neck of this unit
    While the alpha pads do boost sub bass, an remove a little bit of the decay in the mids, I find they really boost soundstage an instrument seperation, partially because of some what dark, but drier sound 
  7. paradoxology
    So, the Alpha pads are the recommended choice as replacement pads? I imagine the angled Hifiman pads are not approved, eh? *sigh*
    Thanks for the advice, by the way. Much appreciated!
  8. Mshenay Contributor
    No I'm not saying your options are limited to Alphas, but I've used both Lawton Angled an Alpha Pads with my LA D5k an LA D2k headphones, both use Fostex OEM drivers an I've found the best results with those two pads in particullar. Definatly try the Hifiman pads that you have :D, I'm just saying the stock Pads have always been terrible with this series of headphones 
  9. paradoxology
    Very good. Thanks for the thoughtful advice. I will see how the Hifimans work and we'll go from there. Thank you very much!
  10. Soundsgoodtome
    Who will be using these out in public like cafes and transportation? I'm asking because I'm thinking these may be too over the top and way too irresistible to the opposite s e x.
  11. Mshenay Contributor
    hehe this is true, my girlfriend... she really does love wood. I'd imagine other women an men may also find these irresistible too ;3
    jodgey4 likes this.
  12. Astral Abyss
    Meanwhile, back in bitter-pill-land, my UPS tracking shows my package left Edison, NJ on Saturday, Dec 5th @ 2am...  Final destination, Tucson, AZ.
    Delivery started out being Thursday, Dec 10th.
    Changed the next morning to Friday, Dec 11th.
    Changed on Monday to "Not Available at this time".
    Meanwhile, there's been no location update since they left Edison, NJ.  Basically 4 days with no tracking update and "unknown status".  
    But am I worried? ..........  You're damn right I am!  I can just see some idiot at UPS trying to decide if he should deliver a mutilated box of wood and metal bits or just pretend it got lost in transit.
  13. Mshenay Contributor
    -.- that sounds gnarly, I'd be at my Local UPS Hub location I think they identify them with SLIC codes, anyways I'd be there trying to figure out where the heck my headphones are :/ 
  14. wahsmoh

    I haven't had an update either since Friday. I hope it's just on a long-distance truck headed for the west coast. It's supposed to be here Friday.
  15. michael4321
    It took DHL 4 days to get package from EDISON, NJ to Secaucus, NJ. this is roughly 30 miles.  With this speed of movement my package will arrive at the destination in 1370 days or roughly 3.7 years.
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