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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. some1x
    Just received mine. I definitely would not have bought TH900 if the X00 was available at the time. In short, TH900 is more resolving and airy, but on some albums, the treble really gets pesky, and vocals can sound thin. THX00 is more of an all-arounder.... really a steal at $400.

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  2. TWerk
    Those who now own these and have thus listened... Would you classify these as "bass heavy headphones"?
    To me, (from reading impressions) it sounds like they pack a bigger mid-bass punch than a deep sub-bass rumble.
  3. flawgon

    How is that Massdrop's fault? You can also easily waive that with a free UPS mychoice account.
  4. PixelPusher21
    Okay, so I am not a professional reviewer by any means, but I am sitting here listening to my Fostex TH-X00's right now and I am extremely happy with them.  I have owned a few other headphones; Beyer DT770, Sen HD595, Sen Momentum over ears and HE560s, with my HifiMan HE560's being my favorite of them all.  The 560 just sounds great out of everything I have.  Everything being an iPhone (maybe not so great out of the phone), iPad, Schitt Modi Stack and a Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies with the tube power supply.
    Well I opened up my MassDrop box and they are pretty.  The cups are not perfect, a few blemishes and a little wood imperfection.  I think they just add character so I am not going to worry about that.  
    So I warm up my WA7, it has the SOVTEC tubes in it right now.  I find they are more musical with the HE560 than the EH gold pins. While they are warming up I try them out of my iPhone, I heard they were easy to power so why not.  Not bad, but the tubes should be warm by now.
    I plug in the head phones and start playing Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem.  The bass comes in and its bloated and muddy!!  And this is an acoustic stand up bass.  Oh no.. I play a few other songs across different genres and I am pretty disappointed.  My ears are used to my HE560's that take everything you throw at them and are never more than honest with the music. Everything is incoherent and muddy. Time to test some serious bass so here comes Techmaster P.E.B. with Bassgasm.  Okay these cans have some seriously strong bass, but its not good bass. Everything sounds jumbled.  I try my iPhone again and its def better than the WA7.  I read that tubes might not be that great with these cans, but this bad? while on my iPhone they are good but not much above average.  I try the voltage setting on the WA7, not much change. 
    Then I remember that I had the monoprice adapter and the WA7 has a dedicated IEM input.  I plug them into that and its a whole new ballgame.  Everything is tighter and more coherent.  I have to turn the amp up much higher for the same volume but wow, these are sounding seriously nice.  The bass is tight and deep.  It slams with dance music.  Totally different sport than my HE560's so I don't feel there is any reason to compare them directly since they compliment each other so perfectly.  The highs are a little recessed it seems, so lets play with the voltage switch... Ok, so I have never heard a difference when flipping that switch before. I was starting to think it was just decorative.  I happen to be listening to a Jazz drum solo at the time, and when that switch snapped into place, the sparkle of the high hats and cymbals jumped up into this wonderful place. Just WOW!  
    I plugged in my Schitt Modi stack and gave them a whirl on there as well. They are amazing, but I have to give it to the WA7 through the IEM jack with the voltage switch set to high.  Just amazing out of that set up.  I have to keep switching back and forth between the 1/4 inch and the IEM output just to make sure that I am not fooling myself.   When I am plugged into the IEM jack I keep switching between low and high voltage as well.  Def not in my head. 
    I have never heard any of the Dennon's or the older brothers to these, the TH-600 and 800, so I cannot comment on how they compare.  I just know that I am more than happy with these right now and that IEM output on my WA7 is finally getting used, so there is that.  Worth 400 dollars? Absolutely.  They are just so much fun.
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  5. jamor
    They are covering their asses.  If you sold expensive stuff online or ran a company you'd understand.
    It's not hard to waive the signature before you get the shipment.
  6. wahsmoh

    I hope they're better. I had the K553 for awhile.. it was okay. Relatively neutral FR, but lacked midrange and bass presence, Alpha Dogs stomped all over it (and they should) but it wasn't for me and the earpads were cheap and didn't feel right.
  7. Stephan
    After a few hours with them today, they are definitely a steal for $399. 
  8. vwinter

    Yea my eventual update post was going to say they clamp a little more than I expected by reading about them, but I'm mainly an IEM user, so maybe this is low. Definitely more than the Senn HD598 SE I got on BF.

    What would a wood imperfection look like on these?

    I think he meant the $500 FADs that he got from Massdrop didn't require a signature and these did, I.e. a lack of consistency.
  9. PixelPusher21
    Second photo of the cups in my post, there is a little dark spot.  It is like a divot, maybe the start of a knot?
  10. vwinter

    Got it! Thanks!
  11. 45longcolt
    Right there with you, bro...
    BTW, just got a tracking #, phones may not leave warehouse for a few more days. Arrgh...
  12. Mshenay
    You get a boost in the sub bass, an a touch more texture in the bass overall, the draw back is they sound a tad darker 
    Good news is I have a very Modded W1000X [with L3000 Pads] so I'd be happy to compare my W1000X to the TH X00, seeing as both are wood backs, though in hearing A LOT of simmilarities in the Th X00 to my modded D5k, I'd say that most likely the TH X00 would be a nice compliment to a pair of Wood Back Audio Technicas, though my W1000X is VERY dry an VERY VERY quick in terms of decay, lacks in sub bass extension but has breath taking mids, 
    I think a lot of the issue with the bass is the Pads, I rolled my Alpha pads on there immediatly an noticed a much tigher an better textured bass, though the sound got a little bit darker an the sub bass was more prominant 
    With regards to the box, I had no issues with that box. I think your a little mis guided in expecting a nicer box, this is a Headphone that could EASILY reatail for $700+ dollars, but we got it NEW for $400, so ALL that we got was what was needed, an I felt the box an Bubble Wrap were suffiecient, I actually like that Carboard holder thingy they put inside the box I thought that was very clever, if you want a nicer box, go Buy a pair of Beats Solo 2, they are some of the best packaged headphones around an they sound quite good, but for twice the money you literally get a headphone that sounds twice as good [$199 Beats Solo 2 vs TH X00] with that literally doubling of quality I'm more than happy to get a crappy box 
  13. mrip541
    Mine have a divot in the finish. Noticeable enough that if I sold them I'd have to make a note of it.
  14. Mshenay
    Mid bass is more prominant on the stock pads, I swapped into Alpha Pads an got a nice sub bass boost which imo balanced out the sound overall 
  15. orrb_05

    Mine as well[​IMG]
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