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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. elvergun
    It seems like I will be the last person in the United States to receive this headphone. 
  2. inseconds99

    I'm curious to how the Lawton angled pads would do. I've been listening for a while now and my ears are getting super hot and a lil sweaty and the bass is loose and not textured. These pads def need replacing.
  3. Trojita
    Tried these for the first time tonight.
    First opinions.
    Very forward sounding. I'm used to a sennheiser sound and the like. 
    Nice base response.
    Soundstage and instrument separation definitely depends on the song.
    Also for some people that have these already, listen to the beginning of Thriller. It sounds so weird with these things on, in a good way [​IMG]
    The song is a good example of instrument separation as well. Jackson is clearly singing in front of you while you can hear both instruments to the right and left of you. At the same time the sounds all feel very close, there isn't an airiness to the imagining.
  4. Change is Good
    Judging from feedback, it seems that the alpha pads are giving similar results to what I experienced on the Shure 1540. Me likes...
  5. JohnYang

    Hey, Canadians got your back!
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  6. elvergun
  7. Change is Good
    Don't feel bad. I'm in Florida and I may not be getting mine until after Christmas. They are currently on the way to a reputable member for a detachable cable mod, since I'm not keen on doing it, myself. I will be posting pictures of the work when I receive them for others, like myself, who may be interested in similar work being done.
    PS: I have a pair of alpha pads for them, as well [​IMG] 
  8. Trojita
    What were they thinking with the size of these ear holes? Is this a headphone made for Keebler elfs? But seriously my ears are starting to hurt a bit. I wonder how much it would have affected the sound to just make it bigger.
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  9. dxanex
    I've only been listening for about 30 minutes, but I can confidently say that I'll be selling my K553's and keeping these as my work headphones. The mids trounce the K553. A lot more forward and liquid sounding. I'm not a basshead, but the TH-X00 is quite a lot of fun so far. Makes the bass on the K553 seem thin. I'd say this is a very tasteful basshead can. Soundstage is almost as wide as the K553 but not quite there. Still a little closed in but who knows maybe that will change in time.
    I'm gonna be honest, I had buyers remorse about a day ago, but once I put these on I'm happy with my purchase. Still very early for any more impressions than that, sorry.
    BTW I got #1169 [​IMG]
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  10. JohnYang

    Where are you sending them for mods? Is it possible to share?
  11. JohnYang

    Good for you!! Hows the sound leak under work condition?
  12. inseconds99
    Can anyone take a picture of their stock earpads sitting on the white rings, my earpads seem ripped on the back as the black mesh is not connected. If someone can just disconnect the earpads with the rings attached and take a picture of the earpads connected to the rings just so I can compare I would appreciate it.
  13. dxanex

    Haha, I just got home from work to find these waiting for me. But I can let you know tomorrow!
    Edit- My office is fairly quiet most of the time, and many of my coworkers also wear headphones so I don't anticipate leakage in or out being much of an issue.
  14. Magick Man

    THX00's are a little cooler in the treble and more resolving overall.
  15. moedawg140
    We just may be enlisting the services of the same member.  Looking forward to seeing your posted pictures as well.  [​IMG]
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