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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Frederick Wang
    It seems mine will be delivered to my doorway tomorrow, I live in Beijing... that's too soon for my expectation. Haven't cleared my house for it yet, I'm still cheating on it with a pair of Denon cans...
  2. Barndoor
    My tracking still says the following:
    Dec 4, 2015
    11:54PM GMT
    En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center
    11:28PM GMT
    Electronic Notification Received: Your order has been processed and tracking will be updated soon

    Does this mean it is still in the MD warehouse?
  3. Magick Man
    Got all my damping and tuning mats, tools, and measuring gear ready, just waiting for the X00s. Let's do this! :L3000:
  4. inseconds99
    What's odd that this headphone got rave reviews for the people who had the early review units. But the couple of people who got their production units yesterday don't seem to be raving about anything. Either the hype was to high and the headphones aren't meeting expectations or there was a small amount of bias when writing the reviews from the reviewers.

    I guess I'll make my own judgment in a few days when I receive mine and I'll compare them to my th-900's.
  5. TMRaven
    I trust the ears of some of the early reviewers much more.  
  6. xingfei

    I agree, as MTRaven mentioned I would trust some of the earlier reviewers including Luckbad, some bassheads in the crowd.
    I've already own the D7000, I'm hoping for some treble reduction, for long listening sessions and some mids for a change. Also hoping these eat up some bass as the Denons.
  7. Billheiser
    I conclude nothing from that.  There will be different opinions on this headphone, as there are in 100% of all headphones discussed on Head-Fi.  It's pretty extraordinary already that this headphone has so much positive reaction.  Some people have cancelled their orders, because they thought there was an opinion of a rumor of a perception of maybe some anonymous person they don't know who thought it might not be better than complete Platonic perfection.  Don't put too much stock in reports of opinions of reports.
  8. audiobot
    The recent user reviews are comparing them to top tier open-back headphones. The comparisons don't make much sense to me. As long as these punch above the shure 1540 & oppo pm3 - both headphones that I absolutely loved - I'm straight.
  9. Barndoor
    Was thinking the same. Also, pre-burn in comparison views.
  10. audiobot

    Hey dude, how is that sound blaster x7? Was looking to buy it for use with the THX00. I just want to connect my iPhone/iPad through the usb host port and listen accordingly.
  11. JungleApe

    I am wondering about the same thing because my tracking says the same. Are you a foreigner as well?
  12. Barndoor

    I'm in the UK
  13. jamor
    Who are you guys talking about? The guy that got his unit recently said "these headphones kick ass. They have denon bass. They're fun as hell."

    What more do you want? To burn their collection and do a voodoo dance?
  14. Furiousipaduser
    I like how other countries get these faster than California, my ups tracking says It will be here on the 14th..
  15. audiobot
    Probably referring to some user posts over at the mass drop thx00 discussion board.
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