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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Barndoor
    And this was the other one
  2. Luckbad
    You're not going to love any headphone if you get too sucked into the hype.

    Objectively, if you've heard the TH600, the TH-X00:

    - Has less bass
    - Has reduced treble and lower peaks at slightly different places
    - Has smaller earpads

    Almost all of the differences are attributable to the pads.

    Use the same pads on both headphones and they're virtually identical. The wood cups don't change the signature as much as many seem to think, they just look nice.

    The TH-X00 have extreme basshead potential with EQ and are a smoother listen than the TH600 with stock pads. They still accentuate treble and bass; they're not neutral reference cans.

    They're also a way better value since they're $400. Want a TH600? Buy pads and cups from Lawton's used section. Still cheaper than a TH600.

    I'd honestly be surprised if the TH-X00 doesn't use the TH600 driver. I've spent a lot of time with woodie TH600s using Audeze and HM5 pads. The TH-X00 with those pads sounds the same.
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  3. lukeap69
    He had further updated his impressions which are more positive.
  4. fjrabon
    In Massdrop there seems to be two guys trashing it, one who expected it to be better than the TH900 and another who doesn't even own it and owns a TH600 and is salty because of the lower cost.
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  5. bavinck

    That massdrop board is like Facebook, everyone has an opinion or experience they feel they need to broadcast. That true here as well, but at least people can build a Rep and you can read peoples opinions with their headfi credentials in mind.

    BTW, I am a Facebook hater so keep that in mind lol
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  6. obsidyen

    How could it be better than TH900? That would have been Fostex killing their flagship, obviously they wouldn't do that. Hype train made some people confused.
  7. fjrabon

    I can't find a single place where anybody ever said it was objectively better than the TH900. Some said they preferred the more neutral signature. But nobody ever said it was better.

    It's difficult to not hype it though, since it's better than the TH600, at hundreds of dollars less, and much better looking. Some people then went nuts and wanted it to be the perfect headphone. But the reasonable expectation from reviews was always somewhere between the 600 and 900 but with a more neutral, but not quite actually neutral sound signature.
  8. westermac
    Does anyone know if fostex will make replacement pads available for these, or has anyone tried them with th900 pads? I prefer real leather but imagine they could screw with the sound signature in a bad way.
  9. TMRaven
    Having a measurably more neutral frequency response with less ringing in the treble can be considered objectionably better. 
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  10. Sonido
    I don't think the early reviewers intended it, but comments like "some would prefer it over TH900" put the idea that it was a better headphone and worthy of comparison with $1000+ headphones. Those comments were actually subjective for those who don't like the V-shape of the TH900. Once the drop really picked up steam from the early reviews, people started building up on each others' speculation creating lofty expectations. Combined with nearly 2000 purchases at one time, the FOMO, these headphones have many believing is the best thing since sliced bread. Those that realized what these are, $400 headphones, and tempered their expectations will likely enjoy them more.
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  11. lukeap69
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  12. jamor
    ^ And in come the "I told you so" trolls, like clockwork  [​IMG]
  13. Sonido
    Indeed, I have been following this thread mainly curious on how the reaction will be. There have been many FOTM headphones through the years, but this one is unique in that so many people bought it at one time. It remains to be seen if it becomes the next big standard at $400 or if this hype train will derail. I'll get to hear it next weekend myself :)
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  14. grizzlybeast
    what about the midrange.... If it doesn't have  full mids then I am no longer interested. 
  15. onefatsurfer
    Wish I could take back my initial thoughts on these. After giving my brain some burn in, these headphones are phenomenal. Also, everyone should calm down and wait for more reviews. I'm just one person, who has spent only a few hours listening to these, and at the time I made my initial comments, had only about an hour. Not nearly enough time to write a full review, never mind form a complete opinion on them.
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