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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. up late
    agreed. i have used the th900 infrequently and the pleather pads are peeling. whereas the leather pads on the w3000anv, show no sign of deterioration and i have owned it for longer and used it just as much, if not more so.
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  2. montanari
    Dekoni real leather pretty much the same and not expansive
    A friend told me with the dekoni hybrid they sound a bit softer
  3. Mattyhew
    Does anyone know of a place (pref uk/eu) that offers TH900 repair/refurbishment? Something internal in the headband (feels like a metal strip) has come loose. Cant seem to find the corresponding spare part unfortunately. Also the wire at the Y connector seems loose. All these problems seem fixable, would be a shame to have to buy another set.
  4. Litlgi74
  5. Mattyhew
  6. chimney189
    Do the TH-X00 pads on the TH-900 tame the highs while still maintaining the punchy bass?
  7. chimney189
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  8. Litlgi74
  9. NoGameNoLife
    Do you think sonarworks tame the treble and highs in any way? The treble annoys me after 30mins or so of use and I find the highs can be shrill but would love to know if the software could alleviate these issues at least for me?
  10. cathee
    Try the Dekoni pads. They have a thin membrane between the driver and your ears (as opposed to the OEM "donut" style pads) and I find they tame the treble noticeably. Personally I like the TH-X00 Hybrid pads the best in terms of sound vs comfort trade off but your milage may vary!
  11. jmills8
    If one likes, they can cut that membrane out ?
  12. cathee
    Don't sees why not.
  13. Yevgen Chupak
    Best pads that i was able to hear on MK|| soundwise are Audeze Vegans. It's bit ugly but treble is toned down JUST RIGHT... without loosing any detail. Mids bit elevated and bass is still the same (may be slightly reduced)

    But aesthetic is just :frowning2:((
  14. arielext
  15. GU1DO
    New TH909BS ..

    blue version of the TH909

    Limited to 100 pair, in Asia only.


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