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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. CongoFather
    I have been using Dekoni Fenestrated Sheepskin TH900 pads for a while. They are very comfortable and tames the highs a little bit. I highly recommend them for TH900.
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  2. omniweltall
    I always loved blue.
  3. montanari
    Can i just cut the jack from th900 and recable them to xrl? The stock cable has 4wires?
  4. cathee
    Yes you can. Source: PETEREK (when he still replied emails :laughing:) walked me through the modd.
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  5. Yevgen Chupak
    Yep. I made a cut right in the center to make this cable long enough. Bought Neutrik nc4mx connector and reterminated it in 15 mins. Same was done with my TH600
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  6. montanari
    Thank you very much
  7. Yevgen Chupak
    20190414_000140.jpg pins are:
  8. Yevgen Chupak
  9. cathee
  10. Harry Manback
    Sooo, I dropped my TH900’s. I now have a small crack in one cup. Outside of Lawton, who wants your firstborn for a set when he has them, is there another place to get it replaced?

    I don’t think fullcompass sells the cups.

  11. Yevgen Chupak
    i have a pair of massdrop mahogany cups... PM me if u want those.
  12. Oregonian
    You can also PM a member named Lohb - he made me a set of Teak cups for my LA7000 that are finished even nicer than my Bubinga cups on my Lawton-modded MD2000. Not sure if he still does this but worth a message to him.
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  13. montanari
    Yes he has. Check d5000 or th x00 cups on ebay. He s the same guy(and also the guy of the comfort headband for audeze)
  14. Oregonian
    Yep, that's him. I still have one of those headbands on my HE-400 - great stuff!
  15. Oregonian
    And if you look at the eBay listing, the 4th picture down in the cup section is a picture I sent him of my LA7000 headphones with the Monkey wood cups. Loved them but the Teak he later made me were deeper than stock and the finish is impeccable. Still don't know how he got it so smooth and glossy - literally the finest finish I've ever seen on Denon/Fostex cups - and I've tried around 10 different ones from Lawton and others.
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