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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. arielext
    Been swapping pads, since my use of these changed. In the end I still think the leather dekoni pads suit these best compared to leather eikon pads or hybrid dekoni pads.
    Hybrid pads are more open and give a better feeling of air, but if that is wanted also depends on the surroundings.
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  2. CongoFather
    Th900 MK2, Dekoni Fenestrated sheepskin pads(recommended upgrade), Gold/Silver balanced cable with FT-2PS-F Furutech Connectors for Fostex, short balanced pure copper cable with standard Fostex connectors(bought from China) and Eidolic 2.5mm jack, its own cable(length=1.20m shortened, with Eidolic 6.3mm jack)

    These connectors(furutech FT-2PS-F) and other custom Fostex connector) fit better than sennheiser connectors. Especially, the silver/gold high-end hybrid cable seems to be a perfect match for TH900. It is more resolving with a much better transparency, better imaging; the sound is very clear and detailed. The bass is is controlled but still you get great, textured sub-bass rumble. It was a really enjoying to listen Al Wadood/Sound of Mirrors from Dhafer Youssef and "Dub in a Time of Cholera/Dub Colossus" with this cable again :)
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  3. kuutan
    Anyone tried out the Yaxi pads, specifically the Alcantara ones? I just got mines recently. On their website they claim a reduction in treble and increase in mids, clarity, bass, and soundstage. There are some things I believe to be true but some I'm still undecided on. More experimenting is needed.

    Nonetheless, my overall impression of them are positive. They are very comfortable and feels soft, dry and light as compared to some leather pads I had. I do appreciate that it has a attenuation ring like the stock pads as oppose to the Dekonis which cost extra...

    Was purchased straight from them as oppose to (Mass)Drop. I"m considering buying the leather version now.
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  4. Fegefeuer
    Interesting. Curious about more impressions about the Alcantara version.
  5. jmills8
    I bought two pairs and yep less treble but more bass. Im willing to sell both.
  6. kuutan
    You don't like them huh?
  7. jmills8
    Not my cup of tea. They are soft but seems to put the headphone closer to your ear hence more bass.
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  8. kuutan
    Hmmm I didn't look at it that way. Although they do look thicker than stock pads, they are angled thinner at the top of the pads so maybe you're right.
  9. Mkoll
    Although I like the TH-900 with their stock sound, the highs are often too harsh for me. What really makes these a keeper is a custom Sonarworks EQ for my pair. The EQ gives me a flat response and I then boost the bass and treble in a balanced manner via their program and wow...they are just the best for EDM and most OSTs. They were still the best for these genres even before EQ, but the flatter response makes them even better.
  10. kuutan
    Does anyone know which screw (model #) is the one that goes into the shaft and spring on the hanger? Full compass has 3 screws listed. I'm assuming the longest one but I'm not sure. The screw on my unit broke in half inside the shaft...

    If anyone got that info it is much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Mattunoob
    Hi there,
    from your experience, what is a good travel case for these. One which is as compact as possible?
    If to shorten the cable for mobile use, what 3,5mm audio jack (or 2,5 mm for balanced) would be best?
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  12. jmills8
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  13. Yevgen Chupak
  14. Mattunoob
    Thank you
  15. CongoFather
    I also use this case that I bought from Amazon. It is great and reliable. If it were a little little bit larger, it would be perfect . With cables attached to it, th900 mk2 hardly fits in it. But it is ok.

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