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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. montanari
    sometimes.. for sure they sound different
    i mostly used a bit of dsp in roon and hqplayer output

    you can download the trial and try for yourself to see if you like
  2. Bern2
    Thx for the reply. I have SW ref 3 which I use for the HD800. I have never heard the 900's, but am thinking about giving them a try later this year. (already spent my budget on the Aeolus ...currently being manufactured.)

  3. Darksoul
    When I look at the measurements of the TH900 and the THX00 Ebony, I tend to "Like" the Ebony more; I know graphs don't tell the whole story, but the Ebony don't seem to have that much dip in the middle range and seem overall "flatter" with a nice bass extension. Has anyone here been able to listen to the THX00 Ebony side by side with the TH900?
  4. zolkis
    I owned both (still own the TH900) and more Massdrop / Fostex versions. I have tested and measured mixes of drivers and cups and shared experiences and measurements in this forum. For making my own decision IIRC I have considered these factors and impressions:
    - driver against driver IMHO the TH900 driver is better than the TH600 driver in Massdrop versions: more dynamic, more effortless, more real; there is not contest for me
    - the TX00 also has treble spike, perhaps a bit narrower than the TH900
    - the TX00 also has a bass boost, but not as clean&clear in frequency and time domain as the TH900
    - after some years the TH900 treble calmed down (comparatively the Denon D9200 has more of a treble spike now), probably that happens to the TX00 as well
    - cups against cups is quite interesting story; IME the harder, heavier woods also sounded more "dead" and the one I liked most was the Urushi cups. I am aware a lot of people love Lawton cups, I have not tried those. I love the Urushi cups: they sound more alive, more like music to my ears (instrumental, small chambers, jazz, pop, rock, synth, electronica)
    - both the TH900 and TX00 work very well with better leather pads like Stax 009 and 007 pads, which make them have more mids, less bass peak and more linear treble, with same or better sound stage. The modded original TH900 pads also work very nicely but the mod is not trivial. The TX00 pads are good for better measurements but not the optimal for good sound as well IMHO. If you want the best pads, get the Stax 009 or 007 pads and optionally remove the white ring inside (see the Stax mods thread).

    I ended up selling the otherwise nicely measuring Ebony TX00, which sounded better IMHO than the Denon D7200 I got instead, but I modded the Denon and it's amazing now.
    Still, the TH900 has about half head time when I listen to closed headphones.
    However, I think the Ebony TX00 is a good and safe buy, cheaper than the TH900 and sounds almost as good (both in stock form and with mods).
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  5. jmills8
    The 9200 has more treble than the th900 ?
  6. Darksoul
    Thank you for that amazing reply, and forgive me for not using the search more profusely to spare you from repeating yourself. However, I'm still left deciding between the the Ebony TX00 and TH900...guess it will de down to "feelings" more than technical prowess. I feel my T1 will be better complemented by the TH900. As soon as my finances stabilize and get some disposable income, the TH900 is joining the ranks.
  7. zolkis
    I haven't yet have the chance to measure the D9200 myself (to compare it with my own measurements of the TH900 and others), so I have to rely on comparison between a relatively new 9200 and a well run-in modded TH900 (and in-memory comparison with stock TH900). I would say the stock TH900 has more treble and more of a treble peak than the D9200. The D9200 treble spike feels narrower but still could be piercing for some even though it's quite smooth treble. The stock TH900 treble is more "raw" in lack of better word. The modded and run-in TH900 in turn has a more realistic treble with more body, some glare left but not near of what it used to be. Compared to that, the relatively new D9200 does seem to have a higher but narrower treble peak, subjectively with faster decay (no ringing or glare). However, I have no measurements to double-check these statements.
    The D9200 works well with most music I like, so I am not deterred by its treble. Quite the contrary, it's above the stock TH900 in my books (and in some respects over the modded TH900 as well, yet overall I like the modded TH900 more). Quite a feat I would say.
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  8. gonzfi
    Quick query regarding replacement cables for the th900 2nd gen... are the connectors the same connectors as the Sennheiser HD600? I'm looking to get a balanced cable made up and finding actual fostex ones in the UK is tricky.

  9. Yevgen Chupak
    Same connectors but on Sennhs cables they have reversed polarity. Also the bevel length under two metal rods is bit different. Slightly shorter on Sennhs.
  10. jmills8
    No, you will have to mod it and I had it come loose.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  11. jmills8
    Replaced stock cable with an expensive $1,300 USD Pure Silver cable. Seems very picky on recordings, really shines on dlac or better formats, bass is cleaner and hits harder in the sub bass region. Treble is cleaner less sharpness. On mp3 its either very nice or it can become too much bass. This too much bass happens more on Metal and Slam Metal music. Its very good on most edm, synths, and electronic music.
    20190325_214344.jpg 20190325_214403.jpg 20190325_214435.jpg
  12. NoGameNoLife
    I sold my TH900MK2 because the treble was fatiguing after 30mins or so of use. Does anyone know if the SB is better in that front? From what I can tell reading this tread the differences seem minute in detail.

    Other than treble they where my favourite set of cans overall and I’m sort of stuck in no mans land at the moment over what to get next but willing to try the SB if they alleviate the overall fatiguing signature in any way.

    Thanks for any help!
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  13. jmills8
  14. jmills8
    Bought a Denon to join my TH900 gang.
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  15. NoGameNoLife
    Wow, that’s a lot of Fostex
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