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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    At least try to find an apologue or explain things like being on the borderline trying to use loopholes yadayada and we got caught red handed using launch control or it happened because our engine mapping engineer spillt coffee on the keyboard mapping the engine. Now he didn´t even get to the fact they got caught rather suggesting fia finding nothing wrong with their black boxes on first attempt and then there was to be a second investigation and then end on that note lol
  2. oqvist
    This books is just about boosting their egos. Crazy now he says he never got caught intentionally cheating and they refuse to ever mention the use of launch control. It´s like it never happened because he has no proper explanation how besides intentionally cheating :wink:
  3. Hutnicks
    Watched Netflix's Grand Prix Driver last night. 4 30 minute episodes detailing the Rise of hope at Mac pre last season and the crushing of that hope at the Barcelona testing. Winding up with the final decision to excommunicate Honda from the program.

    While I had hoped for a longer coverage, what you get is very well presented. What was originally set up as a series to hype Vandoorne's entry into the circus, quickly turns into a visual essay on the management change, missed targets by Mac and the crushing blow of discovering the Honda rotating time bomb has moved backwards in Barcelona. Fernando's radio comment about it being a Bleeping Civic engine, pretty much set the tone for an entire season:)
    Truly worth the watch and most likely will wind up a required view at Harvard Business School.

    As a vehicle to engage new fans into the sport it may work. The briefness does not give time to lose interest and the quality of the production is very seducing indeed. I have heard rumours that other teams have been approached to do similar series and would love to see that. I hope Force India jumps at that opportunity.

    Interesting timing as it comes on the heels of what can only be the best quote of the year made a few days earlier in a Zak Brown interview where he praised Alonso to the heavens and then inadvertently winds up with the beautiful statement "I have never had a conversation with him (Alonso) that was not about him"

    Ron Dennis must be eating his heart out, much as it was certainly time for him to give up the reigns, missed target dates at a Mclaren roll out historically have been about as common as Merc engine failures.
  4. oqvist
    uk netflix? Can´t find it.
  5. Hutnicks
    My bad. It's Amazon not Netflix.
  6. steph280
    I've been a long time Formula One fan. But being in the US the TV broadcasts are few and inbetween.

    Recently I discovered simulator racing using VR goggles and PC software. It's giving my F1 interest a re-birth! I am totally addicted to this whole simulator racing scene. Just this past month I upgraded my mediocre driving wheel to a Fanatec wheel system, along with a proper cockpit from RSeat. It's the next best thing to being out at the real race track.

  7. oqvist
    Yeah with VR you really get visual accuracy better then in a lot of simulators costing multi million of dollars :)

    Would there just be a way to get the G-forces back in full force.

    Watched 4 episodes of grand prix driver. Not the best by any means each episode should be about 5 minutes but well.
  8. xkonfuzed
    What does everyone think of the new liveries?

    I found Mclaren's papaya orange to be beautiful. Best looking car on the grid IMO.
  9. oqvist
    I like Force india
  10. Hutnicks
    It's the pink halo that does it.:) Awesome touch. I have to admit though, that the name change will leave me a little sad. FI is kind of iconic in the way it stood out as a name.

    Nice to see the Sauber Alfa as well. They could well be the surprise in the mix this year. They came close to contention under BMW, until they lost their minds and stopped developing a winning car for a pie in the sky move to make next years car even better in the Kubica days.

    Williams losing Martini at the end of the year is brutal but no surprise. Speaks a lot to why Sirotkin got that drive.

    Mac, still suffering ill luck. Looking good might not be enough.

    Toro Rosso getting in a full day under Honda power, minus of course the early call on the freezing rain deal.

    The unexpected Halo effect of diverting rain from the driver is interesting. That could play well into the championship down the road.
  11. oqvist
    Yeah I would like glitter in FI:s halo. There is way to much testosteron.

    I hope Honda succeed with Toro Rosso. Nothing against McLaren but underfunded underdogs is much easier to cheer on.

    But then it would be a bummer that sauber is not on it.
    voxie likes this.
  12. wuwhere Contributor
    Already start of the 2018 season this weekend. Hope it will be an exciting one.
  13. wink
    Ricciardo copped a 3 place penalty already......:triportsad:
  14. Hutnicks
    Shaping up well. Hammer up front with Kimi making a charge and the ever aggressive Max in the mix. Could be an interesting start.
  15. wink
    Today was all wet......
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